Aquarius 2011 Horoscope
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Romantic relations, fun, child, or pregnancy issues will be important for Aquarius this year. Love, fun, child, romance, or pregnancy will be key world. 2011 will start with a related matter and ends with the same. New relations or break up may be imminent. A strong love commitment will survive all hurdles. Child may create some disciplinary issues.

You may be busy traveling to foreign places or expanding your knowledge base. 2011 provides an excellent opportunity to work on creativity or spirituality. This all will come as relief as you have passed through some tough times.

With security in ninth house, you may plan to visit foreign places or you may live on completely new environment or society. In-laws, uncle, aunties, or distant relatives may get more importance this year.


Action time

Psychological Health or hidden agenda

Dec 7 to Jan 15

Self Outlook or self worth

Jan 15 to Feb 23

Earned income or self worth

Feb 23 to Apr 4

Sibling and communication

Apr 4 to May 12

Domestic Health or mother

May 12 to June 22

Love, kid and Creativity

June 22 to Aug 3

Work and Health

Aug 3 to Sep 19

Marriage, Business and Relations

Sep 19 to Nov 11

Partner's income, Loan, Gain or Losses

Nov 11 to Dec 31

On other side, luck is in third house, which will help you to explore electronic items like mobile, car, TV, internet, or web. These are all your possibilities for Aquarius. You love to work on innovative products. You will love it this year. Many new innovations are expected from Aquarius this year. You may plan new website, write new book, start new travel business, or fly away from home. 2011 is supporting you.

In second half of 2011, Jupiter will move to domestic life. You may want to increase the living space or modifying it. If you have been planning to buy new home, second half of the year bring best time frame. This will be time to change look , space, or interior for better future. Same time band is good for building social linkage. Make many friends and let them see your new space.

In past few years, you have been going through changes in work and health chart. Job and health would have gone through some realistic valuation or realignment. 2011 provides you some more opportunity to consolidate your physical stamina or sustainability. First opportunity will emerge in psychological health in January 2011. Second opportunity will come in new job and new health regime on July 1.

On activity level, you may launch new website, may buy new car, may write new book, may innovate new product or services, or may live in foreign place.

On relationship level, publisher, uncle, aunties, in-laws, publisher, sibling, kid, child, love, friends, shopkeeper, or salesman may be important this year.

Letís go deeper in technical terms to understand the year better.

Eclipses will be in Gemini and Sagittarius this year. These eclipse may transform your definition of love, fun , and friends. These eclipses will give you much needed lessons. They also surprise us. If you are working on creative projects, this year is unmatchable for all Aquarius. Eclipses test our limits.

More Details
  • Quarter Wise flow as 2011 proceeds
  • In first quarter, life will move fast for all signs. Last three quarters are not so hectic. June and December are two exceptions.

    Q-1 : Love and creativity will get culmination. Psychological health will get kick off near January 4. This is very intense quarter of 2011. Luck is helping you from sibling and communication.

    Q-2 : June is highly active month in 2011. Three eclipses are happening in June. Two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse will put it on hyperactive mood. Overall love and creativity foundation is central theme for Aquarius. Improve your social circle. Just make new friends as friends help us in tough times. Luck is helping you from sibling and communication.

    Q-3: It starts will work and health initiative. Actions are in marriage, work , health, and love. Luck is helping you from domestic health and mother.

    Q-4: This is completely about love, creativity and friends. Expect a fun filled quarter at end of 2011. Luck is helping you from domestic health and mother.

    Communication trouble - Aquarius


    Sibling /Communication or travel

    Mar-30 to Apr-23

    Partner's income, marriage , or relations

    Aug-2 to Aug-26

    Social events or friends

    Nov-23 to Dec-13

  • Date of Birth based specific Impacts:
  • Aquarius born within January 23 to February 5 will see more initiation points, while Aquarius born within February 9 to February 22 will see more culminations.

    9-22 : 2011 is a year of culmination. Universe will deliver result of your hard work. People born near 22 will get the result first and for people born near 9 in later part of year. Culminations are more emotional in nature. Main culminations are in love and creative matters.

    1-5 & 23 to 30 : 2011 is year of initiation; you will drive the changes. New job, new home, or new career is expected this year. Initiations are very rational in nature. New love and pregnancy are possible in 2011.

    17-22: Imagination, creativity, and dreams are supporting you in earned income.

    24 to 29 : You have power of transformation with you. You may feel it in psychological health. This entire year is about changes. If you have any issue with psychological health, sort it out this year. Jan Ė Feb may be tough, but last half of the year is extremely supportive.

    17- 25 : Expect support from power of Uranus, unexpected turns. Itís very creative and it provides out of box solutions.

    1 to 19 : This year brings you some lessons in travel ,education, in-laws. Plan them well. People born within 4 to 8 are more susceptible.

    4 to 23 : Expect intense hunger in social health and friends in 2011. This year you will intensely work to improve social presence. Join some social groups to improve your presence.

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