Aquarius 2012 Horoscope
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Aquarius is known for innovation and independence. You may have seen many activities in different directions. Many small activities are happening in different directions. You may be focusing intensely on a confidential project. Limitation and boundaries are keeping you busy. Small distance travel may be frequent. If you are in job, regular schedule may little tight. You may find it tough to find time within series of activities.

Sibling rivalry may be one area which may bother many Aquarius. You love independence and hardly have any jealousy. However, during these transits, itís not impossible also. In this time of financial inequality, neighbor or sibling may create friction. Otherwise, Beloved sibling may need emotional help from you.

Time management is necessary for being productive. Engaging in activities without delivering productive outcome is not worthy. If you are facing this kind of issue, find way to optimise time and delivery.

Action Time – Aquarius Date 
Partner’s income, gains , and losses Nov 11 to Jul 03
Travel, Education, In-laws, Distant relatives Jul 03 to Aug 23
Career and Social status Aug 23 to Oct 07
Social links and friends Oct 07 to Nov 17
Psychological matters, boundaries, and  Nov 17 to Dec 26
Self outlook and energy  Dec 26 to Feb 1
Communication trouble – Aquarius Date
Sibling, contract & Earned Income  Mar-12 to Apr-4
Marriage and relations July-14 to Aug-08
Career  and social health Nov-6 to Nov-26

Spiritual journey should be easy now. If it is your goal, elders and guru may help. Spiritual wisdom comes through consistent efforts. Travel to spiritual places helps in it. Reading books and meeting priests may help in exploring you true self. If you are a housewife, in-laws may be little demanding. Their health may be a concern. If you are going through this pain, expect relief only after October 2012. Distant relative may have health issue.

If you are a student, donít expect high grades in competition. Saturn loves discipline which is lacking in world now. You have to really work hard to get good grades or college. There wonít be any cheap evaluation.

Property matters should be good. In first half of 2012, buying property is an opportunity. This will be luckiest time for all Aquarius. With Jupiter in fourth house and Mars in eighth, getting loan should be easy. Infect, expenses would be that time. Look for the asset creation. Even in depressive real estate market, you should find some innovative way to create an asset. If you want to sell one, buyer will be easy to find.

Neptune is in your first house now. It is known for haziness, legal trouble, vision, hidden facts, and water. If you are buying a property, do look for all these parameters.

In romantic matters, three eclipses are planned in next twelve months. Elder child or lover may drain your emotional energy. Elder child may be going through sudden changes. Many changes in short period of times may distract you a bit. Lover may also create heart break. Thanks, you are not very emotional sign. Chances of getting new romantic interest are very high.

  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Eclipses may bring focus on romantic and creative. People will be key of your success. †It may be lover, friends, and social linkage. †If you are interested in finding just the right person to love, this eclipse may bring a miracle meeting, either near the time of the eclipse, or one month to the day later. You may leave one lover for another, or feel forced to decide whether to continue dating someone when a career offer causes a need to relocate. If you are seriously attached, you may accept (or even give) a marriage proposal or discuss a pregnancy or care for a child you have now. If having a baby is not part of your plan, you may transfer this energy to a creative project and make it a huge success. This would be the right time to pitch a new idea.

    Date Sign -DOB Signature Aspects
    Lunar Eclipse
    December 10,2011 Gemini (10) In love and creativity  tough aspect from psychological help Quincunx Venus in Capricorn
    Jun-4 Sagittarius (4) In social health tough aspect from partner’s income and losses Opposite Venus in Gemini and Square Mars in Virgo
    November,28, 2012 Gemini (28) In love and creativity  from tough aspect from psychological health and social status and support from sibling, communication Quincunx Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, Square Chiron in Pisces, Quincunx Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, Supportive to Uranus in Aries
    Solar Eclipse
    May-20 Gemini (21) In love and creativity tough aspect from sibling matters Square Neptune in Pisces
    Nov-13 Scorpio (14) In social status and Influential people  

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