Aquarius 2015 Horoscope
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It is tough when Saturn passes through tenth house. You are about to feel relief. Saturn will make its way out to friendly house on December 20, 2014. Just for a short while (from June to September, 2015) it will revert to career house. Its effect is intense and you are facing issue in dealing with influential people. Some Aquarius may be finding it difficult to maintain same level for social status.

You are the sharpest brain in zodiac and eccentric too. Current timing is very good in research, new language development, technology, or technical breakthroughs. Uranus is in tough square with Pluto, so sometimes you may feel lost in passion and direction.

Friends may come forward to help you especially older friends. Use next three years to develop strong social base. You are good in handling people.

Jupiterís Blessing..

Jupiter is lord of blessing. Once in twelve year , it touches one area. Till August 12, 2015, it is in marriage and relations. Partner may help you in big way. It will be time for strengthen your bonds with partner. If single, new opportunities will emerge for marriage.

August 3, 2015 is critical date. Jupiter and Saturn will square. It is a tough square. Relation may jolt which may indeed question your commitment towards marriage. Balancing career and marriage would be your priority.

Aquarius is not very emotional sign. Additional responsibilities may disengage you from partnership. Do keep focus on both fronts.

On August 12, Jupiter will move to partnerís income chart. You may rely on financial needs. Major gain may come through them. Property matters would get easily handle. Partner growth may come easily.

Culmination points in travel, sibling, contract and time management.

Ninth house has lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 and third house has lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015. Both lunar eclipses are here to declare result about your education and spiritual needs. Last eclipse was in time management chart on October 8, 2014. Having so much focus on third and ninth house may keep your beg packed for travel. Kids would focus extremely on education. Understanding foreign language , culture, higher education, or research field may be your key passion and it should be in current heavy astro equation. Donít push things hard especially between March 16 to April 4 , 2015. Just listen what fate has store for you.

Sibling, in-laws, teacher, travel agent, or distant relatives may have many things planned for you. One of them would come in your way to teach you something important. These relations teach us for how to handle life better. Link to larger objective. Wasting time on minor issues wonít help.

Some Aquarius may be facing stress from unplanned and unexpected events. Two tough aspects are happening between Uranus and Pluto. One is due on December 14, 2014, and another is March 16, 2015. These are part of five event long series. Good news is you will feel relieve after March 16. Main stress is coming from sibling and time management scene. Plan every day in morning. Otherwise you wonít be able to live productive life.

New beginning in financial gain, partnerís income, assets and liability

Balance is key in life. This year we would start a new journey in spreading financial winds.

Solar eclipse of Mar 20 is in financial earning house and this is a positive eclipse. New employment opportunities would emerge with better salary. Apply and plan a job interview near Mar 20 eclipse. This part has huge focus this year. It has some tough aspects too. Jupiter will oppose Neptune on September 16 and Saturn square with Neptune on November 26. Near these dates you may face financial vision related issues. Clarity of thoughts may not be there. Huge outflows are possible. You may invest on risky assets. Wild swing on financial fortune is possible. That time rational thinking may not work. Just go with flow.

September 13 is a solar eclipse in partnerís income. Two big events are happening on September 13 (solar eclipse) and 16 (Jupiter-Neptune Square). Addition of asset or liability is possible. Financial world may go through new big initiatives. You wonít believe in small decisions. It would be smart to have cash at that time. And invest heavily at that time. Cash is always king irrespective of good or bad economies.

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