Aries 2012 Horoscope
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Letís start with 2011 preview. 2011 may end with understanding time management, improving work culture, and streamlining health focus. Eclipses have been happening in time and travel management. Activities may be more than real productivity.

On relationship front, Life and behavior of neighbor/ sibling may be changing frequently. Sibling may be getting married or admitted in college. In-laws may be somewhat demanding. Enemies may be highly active. Marriage partner or a business partner may be very Ėvery demanding now. Employer and client may be happy now with your performance. Boss or supervisor may be under transformational changes. New Supervisor may come or his role may be changing. †

Time is resource for us. It may run short for you. You may have to finish many activities in short period of time. It may also involve rework and daily routine activities like travel to office. Continuous local or foreign travel for work is possible. Activity level details may engage your mental energy. Financial earning may be good. Infect, it has been time to add more earning resources. With Jupiter in first house, you should be consistently moving for stable earning chart. Health inventory may be fully utilized. It has been good time to work on innovative project. †

2012 is very fast moving year for Aries. Active time in work and health chart will continue until July 2012. You may look for new job or additional responsibilities. It may also indicate additional physical inventory needed. Do plan to join some gym in advance. It will give you additional muscle power needed for such aspects. Job insecurity level may also fluctuate now. However, it is excellent time to reorganize your work environment. Do think of adding new co-worker, tools, car, or gadgets. It should help you in optimizing your productivity. Activities or Tasks will be all over. You may have long list of pending items on your desk in first half of 2012.

Action Time – Aries Date
Work and Health Nov 11 to Jul 03
Marriage and Relations Jul 03 to Aug 23
Partner’s income, gains and losses Aug 23 to Oct 07
Travel, education, distant relatives Oct 07 to Nov 17
Career and Social status  Nov 17 to Dec 26
Friends and social links  Dec 26 to Feb 1
Communication trouble – Aries Date
Self Outlook & Psychological Health Mar-12 to Apr-4
Love and creativity July-14 to Aug-08
Partner’s income and Travel Nov-6 to Nov-26

Sibling, neighbor, in-laws, or teacher may see drastic changes in lives now. Transformation like good neighbor to bad one, single sibling to engaged one, no-foreign link to many foreign links may take place. Situation will improve dramatically after June 2012. Three eclipses are happening in this area, so expect some substantial, defined, and concrete changes.

On financial side, you have great support in hard earned income area until June 2012; however, it is suggested to save in long term. Financial environment may get challenging in year ranges within 2012 to 2015.

Letís discuss close relations now. Marriage may be on shaky ground now. One particular relationship will be very challenging or demanding. Enemies may be prominent. It is very difficult situation but it arises to teach you need of collaborative energies. We individually have limited scope but in teams we can grow with each others strength. If pain is unbearable for you, situation will improve after October 2012. If single, this may delay your marriage prospects. Aries can expect situation to improve after 2012. In this situation, best remedy is detachment and let the things flow as they wish too. Controlling them may be painful.

Career and social status are in long term transformation. It is unexpected sometimes. In June and September, two close aspects are happening in your career. You may probably work in unplanned trajectory. Aries in innovation, IT, deep sea exploration, detectives, and law may get more unexpected turns. It will help you in building long term foundation of your social status inventory. I wonít be surprised if some Aries do really good or really bad in social arena. All depends on karma. †††


  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Lunar eclipses are known for culmination. These eclipses are happening in third and ninth house of communication, travel, contract, sibling, neighbor, in-laws, learning, publication, repeated activities, car, or conveyance. Learning of time management will be important. Communication is important for all of us and its effectiveness is also equally important. With excessive focus on Gemini, we may work in multiple directions or on multiple projects.† Eclipse in your third house of learning, this could mean that your attitudes, your beliefs and the way you communicate your ideas is changing. Marketing plan and communication plan is very important now.

    Date Sign -DOB Signature Aspects
    Lunar Eclipse
    December 10,2011 Gemini (10) In sibling, contract , and neighbor house tough aspect from career Quincunx Venus in Capricorn
    Jun-4 Sagittarius (4) In long distance travel, education, and in-laws, tough aspect with Work and health Opposite Venus in Gemini and Square Mars in Virgo
    November,28, 2012 Gemini (28) In sibling, contract , and neighbor house with tough aspect from career, partner’s income and support from self confidence Quincunx Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, Square Chiron in Pisces, Quincunx Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, Supportive to Uranus in Aries
    Solar Eclipse
    May-20 Gemini (21) In sibling, contract , and neighbor house tough aspect from psychological health Square Neptune in Pisces
    Nov-13 Scorpio (14) In partner’s income , and Unexpected gains  

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