Aries 2014 Horoscope
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New Year brings many changes along with expectations. Let me discuss various clusters of charts which are getting affected during 2014. Astrology helps us in deciding right time to act. It prepares us proactively for next phase.

Aries has support of Uranus for creative thinking, Saturn for legal resolution of property matters, Jupiter for real estate, Neptune for mental peace , and Pluto for career and social status.

Luck transit from real estate to creativity: Jupiter, lord of luck, will pass through real estate sector in first half of 2014. It will be amazing time to execute real estate deal. Though we get such exceptional support once in twelve years, three months are exceptions (February –March-April) because of tough T square between three big planets. You may unnecessarily get into some property dispute. Do take care of mother’s health. Except these three months, living place will keep blessing you for better future.

However, Jupiter starts the year retrograde in your solar 4th house, which is great for home improvements, especially extensions. This support is there until March 6.

After July 16, Jupiter will move to supportive Leo. Romance and child will become priority. Near 25th September, you will think , life can’t be better for fun and romance. You have such a terrific support, use it for making life more pleasant. Do plan a holiday trip with family. Flirty encounters will be supported. If waiting for child, look for second half for good news.

Financial or legal focus: Two solar eclipses are due in financial houses. Solar eclipse of April 28 is in hard earned income house. And eclipse of October 23 is in partner’s income. In 2013 too, you had three eclipses in financial houses. In 2014, it will more about initiation.

First eclipse has amazing support from Pluto (passion in career), Jupiter (Real estate luck) , and Neptune (Creativity in hidden idea). So It is better to plan to invest in real estate.

Second eclipse is supportive too . Mars (Action in travel), Neptune (planning), and Mercury ( clear communication) are supporting this eclipse too. Aries can start a financial consultancy this year.

To be on safer side, I will suggest keeping loans in control and do pay tax on time. Saturn can punish any lust and over ambition. Better to be realistic and keep long-term security in mind. <

Legal tussle may be another concern area. You may get involved in 2013. It may be related to marriage, business, or property. It is better to avoid this unwanted expense.

Personal Changes and relations: Lunar eclipse of October 8 will bring key personal changes to culmination. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in sync at this lunar eclipse. All Aries should gain through supportive position of node and Jupiter. If you were born near April 8, you will get maximum benefit. Uranus may change way of your thinking. People will get surprised by your passion , outlook , and brilliance. It may change their perception about you.

Before that, courageous changes are happening in relationship chart. Lunar eclipse of April 15 will be in opposite Libra. Some relationship matters will see end or start. Meantime, square in three core houses will make this time range very potent. This is the toughest lunar eclipse of 2014.

Most importantly in relationship matters, Mars will in Libra until July 26. It is long period for Mars. Action in relationship will keep enemies and marriage partner at gaining side. They will have upper hand. Teamwork will help. Aries is impatient and loves independence. It is supportive this year in career matters , but not in marriage relations.You have to take partner along in crucial decisions.

Uranus and Mars opposition will be added to nodes opposition around July 13. It will be challenging in relationship charts.

South Node conjuncts Eris in middle of year for few weeks. It will bring some key character traits of a female in your life to centre point.

Career Transformation:Aries is consistently liberating self because of Uranus-Pluto square. For Aries, this will be year of independence from habits and career boundaries. Jupiter will also make opposition with Pluto. Consistent efforts will be needed to liberate self from demanding boss or career needs. If you were born near April 2-5, this transition will be intense in first quarter.

Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in your solar 10th house so the relationships under evaluation are with your own parents and bosses.

Two Uranus – Pluto tough interactions are due on 21-April and 15-December. Social prestige and its linkage with perception are being challenged. There may be some downgrading or upgrading possible in relative socially perceived power.

Tough Time – Jan 31 to April 23: This time range is tough for all zodiac signs. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are making Tough Square. For Aries it is more so as it is hosting unexpected Uranus. Sudden global changes may happen which may change internal dynamic for some Aries.

If you were born between April 1 to April 5 , changes may be more intense for you. Domestic situation may take abrupt change. Or, career may demand more attention.

Active birthdates:th will go through initiations. Birthdates between 6 to 16 will get culmination of their hard work. Full moons one after another will ensure you get rewards of your hard work in different houses. April 1 to 5 may face career independence issues.

Best Week – September 25: Romance and fun would be at its peak

Worst Week – April 20 : It will be a weak with many tough aspects. Better to keep low profile

Best Days for Love: Venus in your 1st house from May 3 – 29, Venus in the 5th house from August 12 – September 5. Venus conjunct Jupiter in your 5th August 18, Lilith conjunct Venus in 5th on August 28. Venus in your 7th house from September 30 – October 23. Venus in your 10th from December 10. Great for getting noticed in love and career.

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