Cancer 2010 Horoscope
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All Cancer sign is in middle of dramatic changes in 2009 and 2010. A couple of eclipses have happened in your sign and waiting to happen in 2010. It should change how you perceive yourself and how others look at you. Your relationship, your outlook, your confidence, and your identity are changing fast. Balance in life is much needed. If you have any imbalance area, that area may need your complete attention. However, with Jupiter (luck) and Uranus (surprise) in career, travel, or education, you may be getting frequent inputs from experts and teachers.

Based on birthdates, this year will impact all Cancer differently. If you were born within 17 to 27th date range, this year will be more eventful than others. For people within 21 to 27, marriage, business, and career may demand your attention and planning. However, if you were born within 17 to 21, Psychological health and planning may demand your focus this year. On other hand, if you were born within 4 to 15th date range, 2010 is a year of start ups. You may start a relationship or business.

2010 may be divided in three equal parts. Middle part is completely different and intense than other two parts. So, plan your major actions in first and last four months period.


Action time

Earned income and self worth

Jan 1 to Jun 7 

Sibling, communication, or short distance travel

Jun 7 to July 29

Domestic health, mother, home, or real estate

July 29 to Sep 14 

Romance and children, creativity, fun:

Sep 14 to Oct 28

Work , health

Oct 28 to Dec 7 

Relationship and marriage 

Dec 7 to 



Financially, your earned income will be quite active especially in first half of 2010. Financial input or output could be more than usual. Do plan things in advance. Otherwise, you may be out of money. Sudden windfall of money is also not ruled out.

You may initiate many actions as mentioned in Table 1. Table 2 is more about Mercury retrograde period i.e not to act just wait period.

If someone asks me which signs you will focus this year, I will name it will be Cancer and Capricorn along with people born within 17 to 27th. Entire universe is looking at you. Letís discuss major aspects in detail.

Eclipses - Dramatic changes

Self perception, your outlook and how otherís look at you - Unexpected changes

  • Culmination point 31 Dec 2009 +/- one month
  • As year starts, you have a lunar eclipse in your own house on 31 December 31, 2009. With Pluto, Venus, Sun, north node, and Mercury in your marriage and relations chart, you might see culmination of a relationship matter.

    All lunar eclipses are full moons, and they tend to bring an ending or culmination to a certain endeavor, situation, or relationship. After this eclipse appears, you will be able to see which endeavors, obligations, or relationships you'd like to nurture and grow and which ones you'd like to end.

    If you are in love, there's a strong indication you will move forward on an engagement or serious promise to your significant other.

    If on the other hand you have been hoping against hope that a certain relationship would finally come around to being what you had always wanted, you may have to be very realistic - see it as it is and will always be - and leave.

    The fact that this eclipse is involved with financial developments suggests that whatever is going on is very important, because life decisions and actions usually accompany eclipses.

    It's a full moon eclipse, so something is coming to a grand conclusion. It could be good news, or not so good news, but either way, the news of the eclipse will eventually benefit you.

    Communication trouble - Cancer


    Marriage or business

    Jan-1 to Jan-15

    Social events

    Apr-8 to May-11


    Aug-20 to Sep-12

    Business or work

    Dec-10 to Dec-30

  • Initiation point July 11 2010 +/- One month
  • Another eclipse is happening in same house on July 11. However, this is a new moon and indicates an initiation point in same area. This new moon solar eclipse will be very powerful - and beneficial. You need to watch your father, or if you are a woman, also watch your male partner, for a solar eclipse is masculine. Also included would be your boss or other prominent male.

    Hold on to your hat because travel, study, or foreign people / international settings will play a large role in your life in coming months.

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