Cancer 2012 Horoscope
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2011 has been time for social expansion. Meeting new faces and creating new social circles may have become important part of daily life. Domestic matters may have been matter of concern for many Cancer. It is difficult for emotional sign like you. You may have many ideas to improve domestic conditions. You can sense many gaps and It can be improve a lot. If it has depressive outlook and you want it to be live, you have to wait for 2012 end.

Career and social status may be flourishing or may be demanding now. Unexpected turns in it may be surprising for you.

Social life will continue to flourish in 2012. Keep creating new relations and friends. Explore virtual world to connect with many more. Facebook and twitter may give you new identity. Friends, official or personal, will find new way for you in 2012. †

Action time -Cancer Date
Sibling, communication, and contracts Nov 11 to Jul 03
Property, Domestic matters and mother Jul 03 to Aug 23
Love, Creativity , and fun Aug 23 to Oct 07
Work and Health Oct 07 to Nov 17
Marriage and Relations Nov 17 to Dec 26
Partner’s income, gains and losses Dec 26 to Feb 1
Communication trouble – Cancer Date
Travel, education & Career Mar-12 to Apr-4
Earned income and self worth July-14 to Aug-08
Work, health  and love, creativity Nov-6 to Nov-26

Work and health life will continue to transform. You may work with new co-workers, new HODs, new tools, and new environment. It is possible that you work on big important project. Series of tasks may occupy your mind. Delays rework, or work related parties are part of this engagement. This focus will continue in first three quarters of 2012. Psychological health may continue to bother you. You may need someone to help you in psychological matters. Spiritual guide, books, friends, psychiatrist may help you to collect diversified energy and it may also help you in guiding towards productivity.†

Social links and isolation are equally prominent in 2012. It is like duality in life. You may have some face for society and some other in reality. Even in midst of social circle personal psychological boundaries may limit your potential. Your mental energy may be mix of confusion and duality. You may find it difficult to choose direction. At that point, you may need someone to guide ahead. Luckily, in second half of 2012, you will have Jupiter in your psychological help house. You will defiantly find someone as hidden friend or helping hand.

Marriage and relations are in long term transformation. Intensity and passion in it may be very high. It may conflict with career and social status. It is possible that you have reached so high in career where it is difficult to find a man/woman of your choice. Or, career may have opposite impact on survival of your marriage.† Social status or caste system may limit your marriage decision. This aspect will continue until 2015. In 2012, June and September are two close months when you will find this conflict will peak out. These aspects will prompt you to go out of your defined boundaries.

In last quarter of 2012, Saturn will move to romantic life. It should help you in redefining love, fun , and attachment. Starting October 2012 to 2015, time will be more about child welfare or love with responsibility. Maturity in love will be rewarded at that time.

Meantime, domestic matters and home may be part of your boundaries now. It is not something dreamed off. You want to add life to it. Motherís health or a property dispute may be area of concern. It may remain so in first three quarters of year 2012.

Home owner may be demanding. Or, you may be living away from your loved home for career or business. It is very difficult situation for emotional sign like Cancer. I feel you have reached at end of cycle now which should kick off happier future on solid ground after October 2012.

Good part is activity level will be very high until first half of 2012. You may get busy in series of tasks or short distance travel. Strategy should be close all small tasks now. Buy a new car or computer to fasten your speed of life. If a sibling issue is bothering you, first half of the 2012 will present opportunity to act.

  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Health or work is important core of our existence which is now being tested by eclipses. Eclipses are happening in Gemini- Sagittarius axis. It brings in the themes of communication, education, higher thought, and intelligence. However, Cancer sign is getting this impact in twelfth house of confidentiality and work. †Lunar eclipses are known for culmination. It will prompt you to work behind the scene and some confidential project.

    Date Sign –DOB Signature Aspects
    Lunar Eclipse
    December 10,2011 Gemini (10) In psychological and confidential matter  tough aspect from marriage and relations Quincunx Venus in Capricorn
    Jun-4 Sagittarius (4) In work and health tough aspect from sibling and communication Opposite Venus in Gemini and Square Mars in Virgo
    November,28, 2012 Gemini (28) In psychological and confidential matter  from marriage, business, and child, and support from social status Quincunx Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, Square Chiron in Pisces, Quincunx Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, Supportive to Uranus in Aries
    Solar Eclipse
    May-20 Gemini (21) In psychological house tough aspect from travel and education Square Neptune in Pisces
    Nov-13 Scorpio (14) In love and creativity chart  

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