Cancer 2013 Horoscope
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Luck coming in second half of 2013 :This is milestone year. Jupiter, lord of luck, is coming your way. It comes once in twelve years. Jupiter is a spiritual teacher who believes in giving. Its presence supports us and fulfils our wishes. We should improve our efforts. Change of sign is happening on June 26. Before that date, Cancer should focus on planning and strategy in first half of the year and execution in second half. Focus should be on pain points.

Love and creativity will be redefined: Additional good news for Cancer sign is geocosmic focus on fifth house of love and creativity. Innovation and creative ideas will get boost. This house connects ideas with execution. Holidaying with friend and family near sea sore can be great idea.

Love, pregnancy, or elder child also gets ruled by same area. Two eclipses in 25th April and 3rd November are in same house. If single, expect an eventful year in romantic chart. If married, child may be focal point. These relations are amazing and need complete devotion. Eventful may mean some rough patches also. But proactive approach may help. Building emotional inventory will also help. Saturn is also moving in same house. Responsible, balanced, and mature relations should uphold. Some Cancer may find themselves in relationships where age difference is high. Elder child may need some discipline dose. Some Cancer mothers may find it tough to control young children. These are various possibilities Cancer may go through based on their relationship status or age.

First eclipse of April 25th is slightly depressive eclipse. It will be forced decision. Impulsive action may be due to career change. Parents may get angry at you.

Second eclipse will be an initiation (solar eclipse) on November 1. Kick off a long term creative priorities and plan. You will get geocosmic support for at least next six months. Remember, it is highly aspected lunar eclipse. Child safety should be taken care. Lover may surprise you now.

Friends and Social links: Solar eclipse of May 9 will bring focus on social activity. Engagement in social activities will be high in six months starting May 9. Many new friends may enter in your life. Social involvement should help in broadening your social bandwidth. Engaging self on social sites may help to build strong circles. This activity will be prominent atleast in next six months.

Best week – July 17 - It is an amazing week. Outlook, love, and travel are well aligned.

Balancing career with marriage : Meantime, Uranus –Pluto close square is happening in relationship and career chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction between father-wife or career-business. You may be trying hard to expand your business which should impact your social status. Or, you may find it tough to manage one enemy who is hurting your career. Colleague may be highly competitive and criticism may grow at workplace. Managing person of equal powers sometimes leads to power struggle. Two aspects are happening this year on 1st November and 20th May.

Lunar eclipse of October 18 in social status chart will bring social status at culmination point. Career may go up or down. That’s what eclipse does. Marriage or love may be reason of this social status change, as both houses have significant activism. Or, career movement may impact your marriage life. If you are living away from home, marriage life gets strained. Technically, this eclipse has tough angle from Jupiter. Again indicates big changes.

Work and health Culminates on May 25: On May 25, we have lunar eclipse in work and health chart. Work environment will change and it may be linked to career change for some Cancer. For others, it may be linked to health impact due to relationship volatility. Physical strength and fitness will come to focus at this point. Luckily, this is the only eclipse in sixth house for Cancer in 2013. It is culmination point so all the hard work will get its due near this point. Neptune is tough on this eclipse. Don’t do imaginary tasks or waste time in perfection.

25 to 3 are most active birthdate range: Node (hunger in love), Pluto (passion in marriage, business), Neptune (vision in travel, in-laws), Uranus (surprises in career), Saturn (security in love), and eclipses (concrete changes) are touching this range more. Intensity of changes may be high than any other birthdates.

May to November is active time range: All five eclipses are happening during this time range along with Uranus and Pluto squares. Mars will kick off activity in July when it will be in Cancer. March and April will be active on career front.

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