Cancer 2014 Horoscope
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Cancer is adorable sign. It gets along with all. Moods fluctuate sometimes. All core houses are full except career house. However, energy is directed towards it. Many Cancer sign people will see overall growth. Status que is not possible. As we, all know changes have certain vulnerabilities attached to it. Come out of fears and welcome new future with open arms.

Jupiter’s Blessing Jupiter, lord of luck, is passing through outlook section in first half of 2014. Having Jupiter at first house is a blessing. Jupiter is a spiritual teacher who believes in giving. Its presence supports us and fulfils our wishes. We should improve our efforts.

Though Jupiter is planet of Luck, it is slightly stressed until April. Jupiter is in retrograde until March 16, which may give conflicting signal about forward path.

Three months are stressful (February –March-April) because of tough T square between three big planets. Unexpected career changes are possible. Marriage partner may become demanding.

After July 16, Jupiter will move to Leo. After July 16, focus will be in earned income. Stable earning will be there. Look out for another high paying job or negotiate with current employer for higher pay. Don’t sell yourself cheap after July 16. Near 25th September, Career peak with great financial benefits is possible.

Creative Environment –Love and friends: Innovation and creative ideas will get boost. This house connects ideas with execution. Holidaying with friend and family near sea sore can be great idea.

Love, pregnancy, or elder child also gets ruled by same area. Two eclipses in 28th April and 23rd October are in creative houses. If single, expect an eventful year in romantic chart. If married, child may be focal point. These relations are amazing and need complete devotion. Eventful may mean some rough patches also. But proactive approach may help. Building emotional inventory will also help.

Saturn is also moving in same house. Responsible, balanced, and mature relations should uphold. Some Cancer may find themselves in relationships where age difference is high. Elder child may need some discipline dose. Some Cancer mothers may find it tough to control young children. These are various possibilities Cancer may go through based on their relationship status or age.

Solar eclipse of April 28 is in social house. This eclipse has amazing support from Pluto (passion in marriage), Jupiter (self-outlook) , and Neptune (Creativity in travel). Friends and social links will be key for your happiness. Connect with many new faces.

Second eclipse, 23rd October, is in romantic chart. Mars (Action in health, fitness), Neptune (travel and education), and Mercury (clear communication) are supporting this eclipse. New face may come to your life. Love life may touch for good reasons. Child will do well in study.

Social Status and Prestige: Lunar eclipse of October 8 will bring key social changes to culmination. Social status may change in abrupt manner. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in sync at this lunar eclipse. We all want high career growth and such . All Cancer should gain through supportive position of node and Jupiter.

If you were born near July 8, you will get maximum benefit. Uranus may give you eccentric approach to deal social status. You may get eccentric or innovative boss.

Real estate and property: Lunar eclipse of April 15 will be in Libra. This is slightly tough eclipse. Mother may get tough with you. Some property matter may need immediate attention, which you may be delaying because of lack of interest. Cancer is very emotional sign about their home. Change in location possible, if living on rent.

Most importantly in real estate matters, Mars will in Libra until July 26. It is long period for Mars in one house. Secure home will be a priority. Any property dispute may bring many unexpected turns. Uranus and Mars opposition will be added to nodes opposition around July 13, do expect challenging time.

On positive side, some Cancer will be gainer in end with stable and secure home.

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This will be a year of independence from social or marriage commitment. You may question why so many boundaries and self-assertion may help. If you were born near July 2-5, this transition will be intense in first quarter. Two squares of 21th April and 15th December are part of five interactions from 2012 to 2015.

Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in same house. Connecting with partner will not be easy. Lovemaking will not be easy. Rest of the year is much better so have patience.

Tough Time – Jan 31 to April 23: This time range is tough for all zodiac signs. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are making Tough Square. Jupiter (in self outlook), Pluto (passion in marriage), and Uranus (social status) tough angle means tough marriage situation along with intense social transformation.

If you were born between July 1 to July 5 , changes may be more intense for you.

Active birthdates: Birthdates between 21 to 30th will go through initiations. Birthdates between 6 to 16 will get culmination of their hard work. Full moons one after another will ensure you get rewards of your hard work in different houses. July 1 to 5 may face relationships independence issues.

Best Week – September 25 : Social prestige, status, and support would be at its peak.

Worst Week – April 20 : It will be a week with many tough aspects. Better to keep low profile

Best Days for Love: February 2 Venus turns direct in your 7th house, after an initially bumpy start while it was retrograde, now you can enjoy its lucky influence in your house of marriage from February 2 – March 5.

April 11 Venus conjunct Neptune in your 9th could be a holiday romance. April 20 Venus conjunct Chiron could be healing love with a spiritual teacher. May 3 – 28. Venus in your 10th may give social presence. July 19 – August 11. Venus through your 1st house gives you charm. October 24 – November 5. It is a great time to attract a love affair when Venus is in the house of lovers. Expect a tough day on November 16 with Venus conjunct Saturn.

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