Cancer 2015 Horoscope
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Life is dynamic. Our relations change dramatically sometimes. Having Pluto in seventh house may have jolted some Cancer. It is redefining time for career and marriage commitments. Balance is a key. Slight twist in focus may take your life in different direction.

Saturn was healing your romantic links. Growing kids may be showing maturity. Focus is on commitment, partnership, and maturity of love. Reward is consistency. Any unholy alliance would fall apart.

Starting December 23, 2014, Saturn will move to work and health chart. Health matters. It would be cocktail for you having Uranus in career house and Saturn in sixth house. Overtime is coming with uncertain flow of career. Dynamic uprising is possible. Long pending hard work will get visible reward. Career graph will rise for some. Some Cancer may bend against in intense pressure. Jupiterís Blessing..

Jupiter is lord of blessing. Once in twelve year , it touches one area. Till August 12, 2015, it is in earned income chart. Rise in actual worth would happen. If income is not increasing, negotiate hard with employer. Time is favorable.

August 3, 2015 is critical date. Jupiter and Saturn will square. It is a tough square. Near that date, high expenses are possible. Keep some financial buffer to deal this situation.

On August 12, 2015 Jupiter will move to sibling and contract chart. Time will be good to manage time. Productivity would come through innovative ways. Sibling and neighbor would support you in big way.

Culmination points in home and career matters

Influential people will have supportive ideas for you. You are rising. Culmination point is coming to you in social status. People are appreciating your relentless efforts. No matter how difficult the road is, you are going to excel. Your people management skill is unparallel. Cuteness added with effort makes you famous in any circle.

Fourth house has lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 and tenth house has lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015. Both lunar eclipses are here to declare result about your career efforts. Previous eclipse was in career chart on October 8, 2014. It means 3 key milestones are pushing career /social status graph to next level.

Donít push things hard especially between March 16 to April 4 , 2015. People may question your credibility. Let the things go slow.

New beginning in travel, education, and relatives

If you are trying hard for higher education, now it is time for it. Universities would be waiting for you. It would be easy to find information, teacher, guide or guru. New beginning is possible.

Solar eclipse of Mar 20 is in travel and this is a positive eclipse. It will be time to redefine your travel and educational needs. Apply for higher degree. Do plan for long distance travel. Spend time with sibling or neighbor.

Jupiter will oppose Neptune on September 16 and Saturn square with Neptune on November 26. Near these dates you may face illusion in spiritual well being. In-laws may be very critical about your approach. Legal issues may crop up.

September 13 is a solar eclipse in sibling chart. Come out of safe zone and create your own path. Two big events are happening in September month ( 13 (solar eclipse) and 16 (Jupiter-Neptune Square)). Develop skills. Use time well. Improve productivity efforts.

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