Cancer 2018 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Eclipses mean changes. They are coming towards you. First of this series will be on July 12 (solar eclipse) in your own house. So expect middle of the year as wind of change in your perceptions and outlook.

To discuss 2018, letís discuss key houses. Seventh house of marriage and relations will be full. Pluto (transformation), Saturn (restriction) and Mars (impulsive action) will pass through it. All three are heavyweight. Critics will be dominant. Marriage issues may engage you. Some people may question your decisions. Enemies may criticise you. I must say, you are most loved sign, you have nice interpersonal skills. Hope you will use them to get through this period.

Home and career will be stable in comparison to 2017.

Letís discuss two big transition in 2018. Jupiter will be in Scorpio. Uranus will be Taurus. Love, child, friends, or social events will get touch of these transition. Matters of heart will be too good. They are being touched by Jupiter. Additionally, in January 2018, from Jan 1 to Jan25, mars will also be in same house. Fall in love. Canít be better time for love and child as it is in 2018.

Uranus is eccentric and creative planet. It will be in your social life and friends. If you were born near June 22-25, this impact will be seen in 2018. Have eccentric friends, they will help you to get different insight. Uranus will enter in Taurus on May 15. Be with trend and technology.

2018 have five eclipses. First eclipse is on January 31. Lunar eclipse at earned income chart. Explore new way to increase income. Financial realignment will help you to gain new position. Look out to hike income. New opportunities will emerge.

After fifteen days, solar eclipse of February 15 is in Aquarius. Again financial matter will come up. This time it will be in partnerís house. Realign your assets and liabilities. This is positive eclipse so go out and take big financial risk. Money wise, you deserve better. Consolidate or realigned current assets. Better investment opportunities will come. Remove some assets , if they are not performing.

March will provide breathing time. Travel or holiday will be on radar. It is good time for take break from day to day work and go on leave.

April has Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. At the same time Jupiter and Pluto are in sync. You have amazing time to address marriage and relationship chart. Mercury will be in retrograde, so be careful of information you are getting. Seventh house will be full of planets like Mars (action in interpersonal skills), Saturn (restriction), and Pluto (transformation). If things are not going well, donít try harder. Let them flow.

On April 17 and 22, two big stars (Saturn and Pluto) will go in retrograde. In April , be aware of how much you have balance self and others. Donít dissolve self to please others. Express self.

On May 16, Mars will move to Aquarius. Partnerís income will get priority. It seems partner will be busy in earning or other commitments for some Cancer. Remember, Mars is in Aquarius and Capricorn for eight months in 2018 ((17 March to 15 November). One partner may keep you engaged in 2018 fiercely/ego battle. It may be emotionally sucking sometimes.

On May 25/Aug 19, Jupiter and Neptune will trine. It is big supportive news from love and creativity. Fun related travel may cleanse your toxicity. On 15-Jan/14 Apr, Pluto will be too good with luck (Jupiter). These two dates will be good for marriage and love. Connect them well. Live life. July and August are eclipse months. Three eclipses will fall, One after another. On July 12, we have a solar eclipse in Cancer sign. Next six months focus will shift to creation of new self.

On July 27, we have lunar eclipse at partnerís income. This eclipse is making T square with Mars and Uranus. Unexpected expenses will come. This eclipse is impulsive and transformative. Some unexpected event may happen. Something which is just out of blue. Unplanned. A friend may need help. Or social event may turn into financial or emotional conflict.

On August 11, we have solar eclipse in Leo sign. It is in earned income. It is tough eclipse. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto are tough to this solar eclipse. If you were born near July 11, this eclipse is close. Money outgo will be involved. A source of income may close. A business settlement may happen. You may come out of a messy relationship.

On August 27 , Mars will go direct. On September 6, Saturn will direct. This will be push time for marriage, relations, peers, and partnership. Connection is very important to resolve any interpersonal skill. Cancer is emotional sign. Sometimes, using brain also helps.

True node will enter in Cancer starting November 6. Earned income transition will complete. On November 8, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius to help your work and health chart. Mars will enter in Pisces on November 15, you may go in sideways to fix travel needs. So in summary, November 6 to November 15 , such transition will help in change in focus. If life is unbearable in some area, it may be welcome change in end of 2018.

In summary, 2018 is about love and marriage. Financial volatility will come in January-February and July- August.

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