Capricorn 2013 Horoscope
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Focus moves from career to social commitment: Capricorn has been busy sign for past two and half years. Events may have been very hectic. Saturn is out of tenth house of career now. Some Capricorn really did well. Social power, prestige, and reputation might have changed in last two years. Saturn visits this house once in thirty two years. Overall accumulation of efforts and commitment has reached to a conclusion. Capricorn is hard working sign and deserve equally glorified career. Saturn exults in Libra. Now it has moved to Scorpio. Pressure on performance should reduce as this is friendship house. Mature friends may be on great help. They may provide practical advice in all scenarios. Meeting new faces and building strong social circles should be your priority until 2014. People are key of success and understanding them is necessary to ride the ladder of success.

Two consistent eclipses are happening in eleventh house of Scorpio in 2013. First eclipse is on 24th April (lunar) and second is on 3rd November (solar). First one will bring culmination and second one is about initiation. Friends will be key here. It is wonderful bond with less commitment. However, excessive attachment with any friend is harmful too. Like all relations, friendship also has time cycle. First eclipse may ask you to evaluate a close friendship and its value in life. Another way this eclipse may impact is attending a big social function and event.

First lunar eclipse of April 24th is slightly negative. Luckily, sibling and daily routine will give support to this lunar eclipse. Do plan your holiday near this time. Or Sibling or neighbour may link to new friends or social circle.

Another eclipse in eleventh house of social interaction will be an initiation (solar eclipse) on November 3. It is highly aspected new moon. Facebook or other tools are available to expand social linkage. These new friends may bring improvement in social status. Starting November 13, social status will get another dose of boost. Saturn was driving prestige and status until October 2012.

Love and Fun culminates on May 9: Solar eclipse of May 9 will bring focus on love and creativity. If you are waiting for child, this eclipse is best time to initiate. Love life will bring some fun in life. Interaction with creative friends will help now. Exploring creative art and film should help. Highly active new moon has love and friends support. Period from May to November is busy and you will find it as blessing. Capricorn is best placed sign during this active period of year. Five eclipses are due from May to November.

Stability at work and health: Lord Jupiter is passing through Gemini or work life. Jupiter in this position gives job stability. Finding new job may be easy , just keep looking out. You have this opportunity until mid-2013. With Jupiter in sexith house and Saturn in tenth, all efforts have direct conversion in result. Now friends may be key drivers in job stability and transition.

Luck in partnerships of equal: After June 2013, Jupiter will move to marriage and commitment chart. Seventh house is house of opposites. Critics , life partner or business partner may start respecting you. Jupiter helps in building reputation. Managing opposites of equal calibre is always tough and need additional support. Jupiter is there to support you now.

Best week Ė July 17 - It is an amazing week for all signs. Friends and relationships are well placed this week. Donít waste this week. Go and meet new friends or business partner.

25 to 3 are most active birthdate range: Node (hunger at social links), Pluto (passion in earning), Neptune (vision in sibling), Uranus (surprises in domestic health), Saturn (security at friends), and eclipses (concrete changes) are touching this range more. Intensity of changes may be high than any other birthdates.

Stress at domestic environment or change in perceptions: Uranus ĖPluto close square is happening in self and domestic chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction between self and mother. Pluto is planet of rebirth. Capricorn is getting intense transformation of self-belief and peopleís perception about you. It is natural when Pluto is passing though first house. With intense square between Pluto and Uranus, domestic transformation may become really tricky. I wrote tricky as Uranus like surprises. Use technology to create difference in domestic environment. Donít react to sudden change in domestic scene as it is planned until 2015. Do weight in check as your outlook may shock some people and friends.

These houses will be more intense near 20th May and 1st November. Lunar eclipse of October 18 in fourth house will bring above mentioned issues at culmination point. It seems last quarter of this year is extremely active on domestic front. Motherís health may take unexpected turns. Biggest disadvantage at eclipse in fourth house is unexpected change in living place is possible. If you donít have stable home, frequent changes are possible until 2015.This eclipse is tough on marriage relation. If things are not going well between mother and wife, emotional turns of events is possible.

Planning time near May 25: On May 25, we have lunar eclipse in psychological chart. Rest for time being should help. Planning for future needs some break. This eclipse brings same opportunity. If you will try to push things ahead near this lunar eclipse, you may face some delay and restrictions.

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