Capricorn 2015 Horoscope
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Pluto means transformation and rebirth. Pluto takes 248 years to complete one solar rotation. Currently it is in Capricorn. In 2015, it will be impacting 12 to 16 degree (people born within 4 to 8 of any month). Pressure will be on re-inventing yourself for future growth. I personally like Capricornís focus on building muscles and outlook. Your ruler, Saturn, provides you discipline and passion. Stress yourself for redefine your perceptions and outlook. You could be a role model for others.

Some Capricorn may be facing stress from unplanned and unexpected events. Two tough aspects are happening between Uranus and Pluto. One is due on December 14, 2014, and another is March 16, 2015. These are part of five event long series. Good news is you will feel relieve after March 16. Main stress is coming from domestic scene. Your definition is changing for home and your space in it.

We live at home for mental peace and stability. If these two things are missing, we need re-evaluation of our priorities.

Saturn is passing through friendship and social house. Except for four months in 2015(June to September), it will be in physiological house. It will be time to balance social needs vs self. Working on some confidential project may help. It is time to take yourself back from regular routine. Cut out some useless habits.

Jupiterís Blessing..

Jupiter is lord of blessing. Once in twelve year , it touches one area. Till August 12, 2015, it is in financial security from others. Partnerís income may remain stable or may grow. A long pending property matter may get resolve. Do invest heavily on some risky front. You may gain a lot. Big emotional and financial breakthroughs are possible.

August 3, 2015 is critical date. Jupiter and Saturn will square. It is a tough square by any means. A friend may need financial help or you may organize a social event which may need big financial inputs.

On August 12, Jupiter will move to travel and in-laws chart. After that day, you may get time and opportunity to move out of home and live on foreign soil. Higher education may take over. You may want to add additional degree to your skill. Getting more intellectual wisdom would be great idea and opportunity.

Culmination points in Career and Home

Tenth house has lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 and fourth house has lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015. Both lunar eclipses are here to declare result about your domestic relations and career needs. Last eclipse was in domestic chart on October 8, 2014. Having so much focus on domestic affair may unsettle some Capricorns. However, it may be needed for big career breakthrough. You may change your living place. Donít push things hard especially between March 16 to April 4 , 2015.

Friends may help you in career movement. Hold their hands tightly to cross this volatile river of time. When core houses remain in stress, you need support. Saturn is your ruler and would remain in mental arena. Many thoughts may be going on in your mind. Eclipse of April 4 is more about career and social advances. Your efforts will be evaluated and rewarded.

New beginning in Sibling, travel, education, and communication

Balance is key in life. This year we would start a new journey in spreading intellectual winds.

Solar eclipse of Mar 20 is in sibling house and this is a positive eclipse. New beginning will come for car , gadget, education, travel, or spiritual arena. This part has huge focus this year. It has some tough aspects too. Jupiter will oppose Neptune on September 16 and Saturn square with Neptune on November 26. Near these dates you may face vision related issues. Clarity of thoughts may not be there. Sometimes in year end , you may find yourselves as directionless. Vision may go from big spiritual goals to minute one.

Teacher or in-law may be demanding. Distant relative or foreign relative may confuse you. However, good news is hidden in it. If you are working in research, care , and leadership fields, you would feel more sharp. Ideas may come easily. Do focus on execution.

September 13 is a solar eclipse in travel and education. Two big events are happening on September 13 (solar eclipse) and 16 (Jupiter-Neptune Square). Big emotional drama may happen. If you keep your focus clear, this can be amazing initiation of event in your intellectual wisdom. If looking for admission in higher degree, try your best shot. If you have choice of subjects, do try medicine, care, and leadership education

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