Capricorn 2018 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Saturn is your ruler. He is coming in your own house for two and half years. Capricorn has full house by hosting Saturn, Pluto (passion) and Mars (action) in 2018. This is the year tailor-made for you.

All three planets support your taste for passion and hard work. I wonít be surprised, if many Capricorns do too good or too bad in 2018. Chance of bad is low though. Take single goal in life and just go ruthlessly in 2018. You will surly win. Just be strict to discipline, values and longer benefit of people. Saturn loves it. Be the minimalist. Self-fulfilling objectives will backfire.

Jupiter is in Scorpio now. Additionally, in January 2018, from Jan 1 to Jan25, Mars will also be in same house. Social life and friends will be a great help. Use your network to grow bigger. Meet new faces and friends. This is one area from where all help will come.

Now letís discuss another big transition. Uranus will move in Taurus on May 15. It is love and creative life. If you were born near December 22, this transition will be in love and creative chart. If you were born near January 20, this transit will test your domestic life. It may be erratic or unconventional.

Neptune is in sibling chart in 2018. It will continue your hunger for better sibling life. Time management may be issue. Better gadgets will be helpful. Any efforts to improve people productivity will be rewarded. Neptune is happy with Jupiter and Pluto in 2018. On May 25/Aug 19, Jupiter and Neptune will trine. On 15-Jan/14 Apr, Pluto will be too good with luck (Jupiter). Above four dates are there to support your sibling health and friends. You will have great time with friends.

2018 have five eclipses. First eclipse is on January 31. Lunar eclipse is at LEO. This is best time to boost your partnerís income. If you need money to grow your business idea, bankers will come to you. Tax people will kind. Red tape will be less. Partner may get job. So that you can focus on your passion and idea.

After fifteen days, solar eclipse of February 15 is in Aquarius. It is a matter of earned income. Employers will be happy with you. You may impress higher up to increase your compensation. Explore new source of income. Money will flow, most probably, toward you during this eclipse.

March will provide breathing time. It is time to connect you to sibling and contract.

April has Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. At the same time Jupiter and Pluto are in sync. Perception will be key. You may be building reputation or losing it. Both way it will be sharp and steep. Mercury will be in retrograde, so be careful of information you are getting. Balance between earning and self is important. On April 17 and 22, two big stars (Saturn and Pluto) will go in retrograde. These two dates are important in this journey. Push hard to achieve next level of social status.

July and August are eclipse months. Three eclipses will fall, One after another. On July 12, we have a solar eclipse in Cancer sign. This is marriage chart. Marriage chat will start for single. If married, partner will need time. Hold their hand and emphasis should be on strengthen this bond. Nothing can be achieved without support of peers, partner, or even competitor. Love them.

On July 27, we have lunar eclipse at earned income house. This eclipse is making T square with Mars and Uranus. Earned income expenses will be very high. Romantic matter will be expensive. Child may need immediate help. Matters of hearts will need new direction. It may be because of focus on work. Heart matters should not left behind.

On August 11, we have solar eclipse in Leo sign. It is tough eclipse. It may be toughest time of 2018. Jupiter (luck in social angle), Neptune (vision in sibling) and Pluto (change in self-outlook) are tough to this solar eclipse. If you were born near January 11, this eclipse is close. Partnerís income will get hit. Taxman may come at your door. Follow law compliance religiously. Both July 27 and August 11 eclipses are tough. Partner may come up with a bad news or he may lose his earning. Unexpected expense will come to you. During this time phase, it is better to keep some financial buffer. You are good in planning, still sometimes we have unplanned events.

On August 27, Mars will go direct. On September 6, Saturn will direct. This will be push time for outlook and earning.

November 6 to November 15 will be time phase of transition. True node, Jupiter, and Mars will change houses. Such transition will help in change in focus. If life is unbearable in some area, it may be welcome change in end of 2018.

In summary, 2018 is good for friends and social arena. Earning and financial world will come in January-February and July- August. Tough time patch between July 15 to August 15 with lawyer, taxman, banker etc . Outlook must be passion and change. No one can drive change as Capricorn can do. Rebuild physical health , if possible. People will be too happy to see your fat reduction.

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