Leo 2013 Horoscope
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2013 is a mix year of all signs. It has balance with lot of hopes. Only negative side is Uranus ĖPluto square in work and travel chart for Leo. Ninth house is supportive house so impact may not be so high for Leo.

Real estate and domestic scene: Letís discuss maximum impacted house first. It is your fourth house of real estate, mother, or place of living. Two consistent eclipses in same house and Saturnís presence make this area prominent for Leo in 2013. First eclipse is on 24th April (lunar) and second is on 3rd November (solar). First one will bring culmination and second one is about initiation. Home situation may deteriorate for some Leo as Saturn may demand extra security. I would suggest take preventive review of safety of living place. Preventive check-ups of motherís health may help. Current real estate prices are so high at many places. If you donítí like your living place, change may get tough. Donít take any impulsive decision on real estate front until 2014. Better to take advice from elder people. Saturn loves maturity.

First eclipse of April 25th is slightly depressive eclipse. Bankers and taxman should be helpful. Closing a real estate deal is possible.

Second eclipse in creative will be an initiation (solar eclipse) on November 3. It is highly aspected new moon and has power to dramatic change domestic scheme. Next six months starting this date will need care and safety focus. If things are not going well with parents and boss, matter will be tough to handle near this date.

Best week Ė July 17 - It is an amazing week. Home, mind, and money will be synchronized. Try to close any real estate or property dispute near this date.

25 to 3 are most active birthdate range: Node (hunger at home), Pluto (passion in work), Neptune (vision in partnerís income), Uranus (surprises in travel), Saturn (security at home), and eclipses (concrete changes) are touching this range more. Intensity of changes may be high than any other birthdates.

Luck in social life: Meantime, letís discuss some supportive aspects. Jupiter is helping friends and hope. First half of 2013 is really optimistic with friends. Engagement with people related activity should grow. Leo always asserts their leadership quality in groups. With Jupiter in Gemini, your communication power may put significant impact on others.

Luck in planning in second half: After June, this support will move to hidden friends. It will be best to move behind the social scene and work silently to crack next growth cycle. It needs consistent thinking. Try small productive ideas. Planning for better tomorrow is the key now.

May to November is active time range: All five eclipses are happening during this time range along with Uranus and Pluto squares. Mars will kick off activity in August when it will be in Leo.

Meanwhile, solar eclipse of May 9 will bring focus on career front. This could be milestone point in pushing social status in next direction. You will be pretty engaged in development of career to next level. It is a great opportunity. April and May will be active on career front.

Working while travel or education with distant relatives: Meanwhile, Uranus ĖPluto close square is happening in work and travel chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction within work-travel, health- in-laws, teacher, or education. Physical fitness is must to manage spiritual and educational expansion. Foreign linkage or travel may help in understanding global wisdom. Health issues may get boost from spiritual inclination. However, path may be rocky. For some Leo, In-laws may create unnecessary demands. Their behaviour may also irritate you. You have to balance between your health and their demands.

This conflict will be specific with specific Leo based on age and circumstances. However, this conflict will be more intense near 20th May and 1st November. Lunar eclipse of October 18 in ninth house will bring above mentioned issues at culmination point. Seems last quarter of the year is extremely active there. You have enough time to prepare self for any major issue. If you are in study and looking for admission in higher studies, last quarter of 2013 is pretty dramatic.

Lunar eclipse of October 18 has tough square with Jupiter means mental health. If you are preparing for competitive exam, mental thought speed should increase.

Love and fun get culmination near may 25: On May 25, we have lunar eclipse in romantic chart. Love life will reach to conclusive point. Long pending issues will be resolved. You may face the issues heads on. If married, elder child may have some life turning point. May is highly active month. Health, in-laws, and love will get targeted and will get some decisions.

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