Leo 2018 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

Changes are there. Eclipses hit one after another after six monthís gap. Now your key houses under change. Perceptions, outlook, marriage, relations, critics, or enemies are changing fast. Battle may be between self and others. Your values vs otherís values. Take experience, some may be good or some may be bad.

Letís discuss two big transition in 2018. Jupiter will be in Scorpio. Home and career they will touch. Additionally, in January 2018, from Jan 1 to Jan25, Mars will also be in same house. So 2018 will start with big focus at home area. Motherís health may be key. Or, you may change home. If any property issue is pending, January is ideal time to resolve it.

Uranus will be Taurus. On May 15, it will enter in your career chart. Career may be eccentric world. Boss may be too technical or unorthodox. You may learn well. Career matters will get new different direction. Uranus takes eight years in one house. You may work in different world/technology/digitization/ creative project or robotics during that time.

Sixth house is full in 2018. Pluto (transformation), Saturn (restriction) and Mars (impulsive action) will pass through it. All three are heavyweight. It will show how you deal with boss and work. Co-worker may be demanding. Time management will be crucial. It will demand whole hearted commitment. 2018 will be very busy year. Plan things in advance.

2018 have five eclipses. First eclipse is on January 31. Lunar eclipse is at LEO. Something big will have culmination. Something which is close to your heart. These changes in life and perceptions are continuing for one and half years. You will get new push now. Mars is in Sagittarius now. A romantic or creative matter will be closed.

After fifteen days, solar eclipse of February 15 is in Aquarius. It is a matter of marriage and relation. New partnership will evolve. Strengthen your marriage relation. You are creative and loyal in relations.

March will provide breathing time. It is financial month for you. Look at your financial priorities.

April has Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. At the same time Jupiter and Pluto are in sync. This time will be about work priorities. Physical health and fitness should be reviewed. Mercury will be in retrograde, so be careful of information you are getting. You may be reworking on a project. Rescheduling and realigning your work project may help in refining its output. Work priorities may be demanding. Remember, Mars is in Aquarius and Capricorn for eight months in 2018 ((17 March to 15 November). This balance in marriage and work will continue.

On April 17 and 22, two big stars (Saturn and Pluto) will go in retrograde. In April , Keep balance in work and love.

On May 25/Aug 19, Jupiter and Neptune will trine. It is big supportive news from domestic affair. 2018 is time to add one or two properties. . On 15-Jan/14 Apr, Pluto will be too good with luck (Jupiter). Above four dates are there to support your home. If possible, change interior or furniture. In end of 2018, you will have better living place.

July and August are eclipse months. Three eclipses will fall, One after another. On July 12, we have a solar eclipse in Cancer sign. It is time to work behind the scene for mental peace. Connect with inner peace and god. Initiate some confidential project to boost career needs.

On July 27, we have lunar eclipse at marriage and relations. This eclipse is making T square with Mars and Uranus. Marriage partner will be demanding. Critics will be vocal. This eclipse is impulsive and transformative. Dealing with partner may be difficult as you are too busy at work front. Or, partnerí s health may be an issue. Interpersonal skills may get a test.

On August 11, we have solar eclipse in Leo sign. It is tough eclipse. It may be toughest time of 2018. Jupiter (luck in home), Neptune (vision in loan) and Pluto (change in work) are tough to this solar eclipse. If you were born near August 11, this eclipse is close. It may be tough beginning. This beginning will have high expense and change in work place involved.

On August 27 , Mars will go direct. On September 6, Saturn will direct. This will be push time for work life and health. If anyone is sick at home, these date may provide better hope.

True node will enter in Cancer starting November 6. Leoís self transition intense phase will complete. On November 8, Jupiter will enter Sagittarius to help your love and creativity chart. Mars will enter in Pisces on November 15, you may go in sideways to fix partnerí s income needs. So in summary, November 6 to November 15 , such transition will help in change in focus. If life is unbearable in some area, it may be welcome change in end of 2018.

In summary, 2018 is good about domestic affairs. Marriage and self-volatility will come in January-February and July- August. Work and health issues will be demanding.

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