Leo 2019 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

2019 is New Year with new dreams. Leo has eclipse season in last 18 months. It has been time for dramatic changes. One more solar eclipse is due in Leo on January 21, 2019. Some of you might have been gained through those eclipses. A new outlook, confidence or perception has been developed. Changes help us in understanding our fears, our strengths or weaknesses. We get aware of constraints. Now you know where you are stuck.

This year, 2018, you will get new love interest, new child, or creative interest. Listen to your heart, understand what it needs. Cosmic energy is helping you to gain it. Jupiter comes once in twelve years to listen your heart.

Focus of 2019 will continue on job and health. If you want to gain fitness, 2019 is bet year for it. You may have burden of excessive responsibilities. Job demands you to focus more and have more responsible. Any health issue, may escalate further.

2018 Review.

Year 2018 was good for home affair. Mother is more supportive. Home and property issues look very promising. 2019 is year to build on it.

Marriage and you were a focus. You have now learned new way to deal people. Power struggle will be melt down soon, if any with marriage partner. Any commitment needs additional energy to bond. It is adjustment and compromise and for Leo energy is little difficult. Leo wants freedom and power. 2019 is better year in this term.

Job or health are in stress. We have to know this well in advance. You need job at urgent basis or need transfer to different location. Health may be an issue now, it may be your health , or someone close.

2019 Summary

Self and marriage: This is much peaceful place in 2019. Only active period is July 1 to August 18 when mars will come in this area. One last lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019 is in Leo. So these are key dates to boost your confidence, outlook, hairstyle, or perception. Leo is known for its ego and show off in dress. Your exploration to new style, outlook and fat reduction may get to natural level in 2019.

As I discussed above, all commitment needs efforts. Be flexible in inviting new people in your life. Adjust and adopt. It is time to build strong team and have common goal. Marriage canít run in isolation. It is about gaining thorough each otherís weakness.

Earnings, Finance, assets, or liability: Neptune is passing through it but will be in narrow band in 2019. People born between August 7 and August 12 will be touched and played with by this transit. It is important that you have clear vision of financial needs. Loan or bankers may bring tax notice, if you bypass financial planning. Moving fast is not the solution. It is the clarity of thoughts and moral that brings the direction. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when money and work may conflict.

You may need money for health. In 2019, donít risk without medical insurance. Take insurance. It may help, if you have to pay to hospitals. Or, you may need job to fill family needs.

I would suggest that take no financial risk and save something for any emergency need.

Sibling, contract, law, or gyan: Uranus is passing through last phase of Aries till March 6, 2019. Leo borned near August 20, will see some changes in their legal standing or learning. Gaining new education would be from unconvential method. Teacher may be quite innovative. Starting January 1 to February 14, Mars will also move in third house. So time management may be issue. Learn well and join some skill development program. It is time to reskill self.

In short distance travel house, Mars will move from October 4 to November 19. Explore the world during this time. Book your holiday. Spend time with your spiritual guru. Utilise this time to explore the world.

Home Career, social status: Jupiter has just left house of home and property chart. It has given you a very well located or safe home or property. Jupiter gives you support of mother. You can now build on given foundation. After March 6, Uranus will be doing transformation of this house of career or social status. Leo borned till June 28 will feel change in their social status. Career may go in unplanned trajectory. It may be technology or different field than your specialization.

Mars will enter in this house from February 14 to March 31. Focus is new power. If you can use it for something good, this will help. Build long term career. Both Mars and Uranus are path breaking planets. You may go in different direction to build career. Leo push you career in unconventional route is not that bad. You can take risk.

Love child or creativity Leo are the luckiest this year in 2019 for love, child and creativity. It is time to listen your heart. Jupiter may ignite love interest in your life. Elder child may be stress buster for you. Leo , do something what your heart says. Just ignore few dates. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when Jupiter will square with Neptune. Near these dates, Child may need additional financial input. You may apply for additional loan from back to invest in child education.

Mars will be there starting March 31 to May 15. It will amplify this region for further consolidation. If you are single, friends may bring happiness. Connect with social links.

Job, health, peace, and thoughts: This is main focus area of 2019. With eclipses, Saturn, and Pluto, this is most active area of this year. Job will be demanding. Health may need attention. Someone close get sick regularly. It is time to know how to relax. Life is all about exploiting good energies and ignoring negative energies. Boss may be demanding. Remember, 2019 will teach you core of your heart why health is so important. Any weakness, even the slightest, can become big one. Health is wealth. Donít ignore it. It is life. Money gone can come back. Health gone is difficult to gain.

Mars will also join this place in May 15 to July 1. People born with August 1 to August 15 will be tested for their mental peace and thoughts. Check your mind. Is it with you? It may go in different direction and too quickly. This is nature of consciousness but planetís movement make it more volatile. Rest is needed. Meditation is must. We have to remain calm in difficult situations.

Both Saturn and Pluto will oppose North node. And it is more ruthless kind of world will evolve. You may sense that people are in hurry to get result. World will be struggling to have rational and emotional balance in 2019. Mind will say something and heart will do something.

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