Libra 2014 Horoscope
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Libra has Mars at its side in first half of 2014. It means full action pack start of new year. Mars loves action, which may sometimes look as impulsive actions. Actions taken in second quarter will reap better reward. Let’s discuss how 2014 will unfold for balance Libra sign.

Jupiter’s Blessing Jupiter, lord of luck, is passing through social status in first half of 2014. Jupiter brings increased focus and width in social influence. Many more people will be added to your fan club. We all like growing influence. However , there is slight issue at quarter 1.

Jupiter is planet of Luck and it is slightly stressed until April. Jupiter is in retrograde until March 16, which may give conflicting signal about status. Father and boss may critically view your decisions. Tough squares with other planets may put imbalance at home- marriage and career.

After July 16, Jupiter will move to Leo. Focus will turn to friends and social events. Engaging self in social events will help in creating new friends. Friends , as we know , are best support system in today’s world. Near 25th September, marriage and friend will interact amazingly.

Financial world: Libra may see some redesign in earning income house. Financial house of hard earned income is highly active. Stable earning gives security. Change in financial circle is possible may be about source of income . Global GDP growth is slow. It is better to safeguard ourselves from high debt. Consistent cash flow helps in sound sleep. Best way is remain insured though rental income, pension, or interest income. Another way is not to commit to any risky investment plans. In short, don’t overstretch your monthly income and keep some buffer in 2014. Saturn is in second house and more than assets issue, it is more about monthly cash flow.

Two eclipses on 28th April and 23rd October are in related houses of cash flow and assets. Solar eclipse of April 28 is in partner’s income. This eclipse has amazing support from Pluto (passion in real estate), Jupiter (social status) , and Neptune (work and health). Use this new moon to buy real estate. It will help in broadening social status.

Second eclipse, 23rd October, is in earned income chart. This is again a supportive new moon. Mars (action in contracts), Neptune (health), and Mercury (clear communication) are supporting this eclipse. Be ready for investment in holiday trip. Buy a car or gadget to reduce office travel time.

Outlook and Perceptions: Lunar eclipse of April 15 will be in Libra. This is slightly tough eclipse in first house. People may change the way they look at you. It may due to your aggression. Or, recent movement of Mars in first house will add additional energy in your personality and charm. Mars will in Libra until July 26. It is long period for Mars in one house. Uranus and Mars opposition will be added to nodes opposition around July 13, do expect challenging time.

Marriage and Home : Seventh house is relationship house. Lunar eclipse of October 8 will bring key relationship engagement to culmination. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in sync at this lunar eclipse. You will gain in reconnecting with partner. If single, marriage proposals will come for discussion. It is amazing time to execute it.

If you were born near October 8, you will get maximum benefit. Uranus may give you eccentric approach to deal relationship matters.

Meanwhile, Uranus –Pluto close square is happening in home and marriage chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction within mother, wife, business partner, or realty. Critics are prominent nowadays for Libra. Radical thinking may help. Innovative redesign of business may work. Libra in technology business should gain with current Uranus transit. If marriage partner and mother have dispute, situation may remain tough until 2015.

This will be a year of independence from commitments. If you were born near October 2-5, this transition will be intense in first quarter. Two squares of 21th April and 15th December are part of five interactions from 2012 to 2015.

Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in same house. It will also amplify serious thought whether to value home so much. Rest at home won’t be that easy.

Tough Time – Jan 31 to April 23: This time range is tough for all zodiac signs. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are making Tough Square. Be cautious as Jupiter (in social status), Pluto (passion at home), and Uranus (unexpected partner) are in tough mood. If you were born between October 1 to 5 , changes may be more intense for you.

Active birthdates: Birthdates between 21 to 30th will go through initiations. Birthdates between 6 to 16 will get culmination of their hard work. Full moons one after another will ensure you get rewards of your hard work in different houses. October 1 to 5 may face financial independence issues.

Best Week – September 25 : Relationship matters would be at its peak.

Worst Week – April 20 : It will be a week with many tough aspects. Better to keep low profile

Best Days for Love: Venus in your 5th house of love affairs from March 5 – April 5, Venus in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships from May 3 – 28. An exciting out-of-the- blue-date with Venus conjunct Uranus on May 15, a passionate argument ends in commitment with Venus conjunct May 22, Venus in your 10th from July 18 – August 11 is less about romance, but gets you noticed, Venus in your 1st house from September 30 –October 23 is about charm and magnetism.

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