Libra 2016 Horoscope
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Amazing year ahead. Jupiter is coming your way. It is presently helping you in form of hidden friends and planning. Plan in detail so that in 2016-17, you can execute your plans. Jupiter will enter in Libra starting September 6. After that one year is yours. Use this time frame to exploit your good luck.

Sibling, neighbour, drive, activities, mobile, car, or daily activity connect us with life. These keywords make us productive. 2016 is a busy year. Keep good gadgets to connect with world. It will help the information to come to you without any hurdle. Having Saturn and Mars in same house, may bring some noise or extra responsibility. Drive carefully. Take care of sibling health. Violent verbal encounters possible. Speak after thinking. Five months are big time. Do take care in March to May and August –September. Keep time management in check. You may be running against time. Don’t skip daily routine work.

Another area which will see big change is work and health. Take care of health from mental distraction, bacteria, drugs, or excessive drink. Work environment may come through big change. If it is not you, it may be your close relative. Pressure on third and sixth house says. You need to balance physical energy with time. Or, Work life may come under pressure. Take care of safety especially in March and September. Boss may be demanding or project client. You may work harder to prove your skill.

I do want to touch earning income in this discussion. Mars will stay here for four months (Jan –Feb and June –July). Money inflow and outflow will remain high. It may be your self worth too. People may question your behaviour. Review your financial liability and strength. Keep some financial buffer.

Neptune is still in work chart. It may be very hazy. Sometimes, you may feel you deserve better work and health and sometimes you leave it to luck . Clarity may come through regular reminders. Plan well in work and health chart. You want these two things come on track fast. Pluto is moving in domestic health. Pluto rules intense transformation. Domestic situation may be phases of ups and down.

If I have to divide 2016 on monthly basis, Jan-Feb are cool months. March is very volatile month. April is again cool month. May-June will bring mental pressure from work/health side. July –August are normal slow months. September is again volatile. Changes will catch you unexpectedly. October’s last week is tough. November –December are tough months. Plan things based on these dates. Exploit cool months for your benefits. Play safe during hard months.

Lets discuss it by birthdates. If you were born within 29 September- 10 October, this year will be more about initiations. Push things in right direction. If you were born within 14 October to 20 October or 22 September to 24 September, this year is about culmination. Matters will probably will ends more. It is maturity time. Solar cycle works this way. Half birthdays see initiation (New moon) and half sees culmination (Closures)

Eclipses bring changes in our lives. They are milestones which just jolt us to review our weakness and strengths. They want us to focus or address these area or use them. Four eclipses are due in 2016. First series is in March. Solar eclipse of March 9 is about focus on work and health. It may reach at boiling point. This eclipse will bring force to start new job or new health regime. You may fed up with old routine. A male figure will be in centre. This eclipse is tough having Jupiter and north node in opposition. News will be big. This is most aspected eclipse in 2016. Saturn (tough) and Pluto (soft) are also making angle with this eclipse. Your mother will be standing with you. Keep your expectations in check. We are not here to compete. Sometimes , we have to compromise. A boss or co-worker may leave office. That may leave additional burden at you. Own the responsibility.

Next eclipse is in same month and on 23 March. It is in your outlook. It is best time to plan big about life. It is about achievement or failures. Life will review you closely. It will reward in some area and may penalise in some. Correct the path. Failures are also lessons. Celebrate success.

Next series of eclipses are in September. Solar eclipse of September 1 is hazy and explosive. This eclipse will change your mental thoughts. Some people may hurt you. You may come to know something that may be uncomfortable. Naked truth is bitter. We don’t want to listen it. Clarity may come to you about true friend and enemy. Observe things and don’t react.

Lunar eclipse of September 16 is also very closely locked between Mars and Uranus. You may react impulsively. It is work and health related situation. You may get physically violent. Overstretching of physical energy is also possible. It may be because of over demanding client or challenging project.

Despite some roadblocks. Focus hard on green areas like earning, hidden friends, personal outlook, and goals. Be cautiously aggressive on sibling, contract, driving, project, work, and health. Giving brief of each month in next table without astrological jargon.

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