Libra 2019 Horoscope
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Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope New Year brings hope and prosperity to all.

New year brings new hopes and new challenges. Life is average of all energies. We have to just optimise these energies. Utilise good energies or ignore bad energies should be our focus. Astrology can help us in it. It is about timing and using these energies in better form.

2019 seems good for sibling, skill development or time management. Improve your transactional or multitasking skill. 2019 is challenging for property or parents. Career matters may need continuous attention.

2018 Review

Love, friends, child or social life were in focus in 2018. You have new faces in life, and new love probably. It has been year of heart. You now know clearly what it wants and how much you can achieve it. Cosmic energies want us to learn.

Home or mother may be an area of restriction. It will remain so in 2019. Home needs some kind of freedom or peace. Take care of mother's health. Parents are our backbone. Review your career needs. It will be hunger point in 2019 to find a better career opportunity.

2018 was good for earned income. It was easy to maintain financial strength. Now you can sense of stability in money flow.

2019 Summary

Outlook , Self, or marriage : Uranus is passing through last phase of Aries till March 6, 2019. Libra borned near October 20, will see some changes in their partnership matters. Marriage partner may behave in erratic way. He/She may be too eccentric, technical, or absent. Venus were in retrograde and has passed through this point three times. So, it may be opposition of Venus and Uranus, it means love is looking for freedom. Tay away from experimentation in love. It will be too costly.

Starting January 1 to February 14, Mars will also move in seventh house. Commitment should be very high. We need relationship for growth. It comes from synergies. No one man can do big. It is time to review your partnerships.

Mars will move from October 4 to November 19 in outlook part. That will be time range to push things in one direction. You will have leadership position to gain life.

Money, finance or assets: Jupiter has just left house of earned income. It has given you skill to earn money. Finance source it has shown to you. It is upto you to maximise it.

After March 6, Uranus will be doing transformation of this house of partner's income, loan, sex, or tax. Libra borned till September 28 will go through this re-engineering of assets or liabilities. See, if you can take risk.

Mars will enter in this house from February 14 to March 31. Both Mars and Uranus will help in breaking you in new territory to make money. Both Uranus and Mar supports aggressive actions. Make money through others.

Sibling, contract, travel, in-laws or gyan : Libra are the luckiest this year in 2019 for sibling affair. It is time to gear up for travel and explore the world. Add skills to gain insight. Live life in holidays. Just ignore few dates. January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when Jupiter will square with Neptune. Near these dates, travel or work will have conflict. Don't drive on speed and don't rush actions near those dates. Or , don't go in verbal fights.

Mars will be there starting March 31 to May 15. It will amplify this region for further consolidation. Develop skills to enhance self-improvement.

Home , Career or parents: This is main focus area of 2019. With eclipses, Saturn, and Pluto, this is most active area of this year. Domestic needs will be demanding. Secure your boundaries. You may want to live in other home but may be forced to live with unwanted partners. One parent's health may be cause of concern. Some area may be at lowest point and you may want to revive it. Domestic needs may keep you near to home.

Both Saturn and Pluto will oppose North node. And it is more ruthless kind of world will evolve. You may sense that people are in hurry to get result. World will be struggling to have rational and emotional balance in 2019. Mind will say something and heart will do something.

Mars will also join this place in May 15 to July 1. People born with October 1 to October 15 will be tested for domestic matters or career. Career needs may be supreme for you. It is balancing act that you have to do in career or home.

Love, child, pregnancy, Friends or society: This is much peaceful place in 2019. Only active period is July 1 to August 18 when Mars will come in this area. One last lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019 is in Leo. So these are key dates to boost your love life or social links. Love is key area for Libra. It is so supportive in 2019, you will feel stable and relaxed heart comparison of 2018.

Job , Health and thoughts : Neptune is about job or health. People born between October 7 and October 12 will be touched and played with by this transit. Don't go in drinks, drugs or illusions. Be realistic in approach. Observe your health matters. A co-worker may need help.

January 13, June 16 or September 21 are key dates when job or travel may have conflict. You may have to travel because of work requirements.

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