Pisces 2012 Horoscope
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Emotional and imaginative Pisces is waiting for its ruler Neptune. This will happen in 2012. It will be an advantage to have ruler on its side. Vision must be clear about the future. Water or oil related projects should gain immensely through this transit. Spirituality and legal matters should also your attention.

Meantime, earned income may become little unstable in 2012 astro transits. It may surprise you. Innovation may help you in big. You have to think out of box to create new source of income. If you are in IT, product innovation, business transformation, or new age technologies, you are supposed to gain. Alternatively, you may find working environment or employer strangely different. If you are doing social development, working in social groups, dealing with product of social interest, your financial transformation may be more dramatic.

On negative side, social expenses may be high for you. A friend may take your hard earned income which will be difficult to get back. Social worth is somehow under unexpected turns.

Action time – Pisces Date
Marriage and relations Nov 11 to Jul 03
Partner’s income, gains , and losses Jul 03 to Aug 23
Travel, Education, In-laws, Distant relatives Aug 23 to Oct 07
Career and Social status Oct 07 to Nov 17
Social links and friends Nov 17 to Dec 26
Psychological matters, boundaries, and  Dec 26 to Feb 1
Communication trouble – Pisces Date
Self Outlook & Earned Income  Mar-12 to Apr-4
Work and Health July-14 to Aug-08
Career  and Travel, Education Nov-6 to Nov-26

On work front, you may buy a car for conveyance purpose. Good time to buy new office tool or a laptop. Activities level support is there. Try to finish all pending items, Work on productivity tools. You will be leaner in approach. Do plan small trips to holiday spots. Sibling and neighbour will be post supportive place in first half of 2012. †

On relationship front, first half of 2012 has great support for all collaborative energies like marriage and business. Opportunities will come to you to make new bonds. If single, chances of getting married are high. If already married, chances of test of that marriage will be little high. Test means either strengthening or weakening of a particular relationship. All depends on your value system. Planets just help in pinpointing weakness in our values. Enemies may be prominent now.

Now letís evaluate bigger gains and losses in emotional and financial world. I would suggest you to be safer side from loans and taxes. It may be difficult to pay them on time. Expenses are high. Better to take any financial risk only after October 2012. If all is well with finance, emotional detachment may be area of concern for you. †Pisces is an emotional sign. Learning financial and emotional detachment may be little tough. A valuable asset may be under threat now. After October 2012, situation will improve.

By seeing your chart closely, I expect that it is mostly property or motherís health. Home and career are under immense short term transformation. This transformation will last in 2012 end. Some changes may be forced one. The wind of changes is strong and uncontrollable.

Meantime, career and social status are also under minor changes. Try to be closer to big bossed and influential people. It may help you. They may find your talent suited to their needs. †

  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Eclipses may bring family matters, domestic matter, and career into focus. During this rare and special period, you will be thrust into a leadership position, and others will look to you for direction. This will be a period of high-energy and opportunities that have much promise. It could give you outstanding help from a family member, such as your mother or father. You may be given a check to help with a purchase you need to make. Lunar eclipses are known for culmination. Eclipses are happening in Gemini- Sagittarius axis. It brings in the themes of communication, education, higher thought, and intelligence. Remember each eclipse has effective time period within one month of due dates.†

    Date Sign -DOB Signature Aspects
    Lunar Eclipse
    December 10,2011 Gemini (10) In domestic matters  tough aspect from social links Quincunx Venus in Capricorn
    Jun-4 Sagittarius (4) In social status tough aspect from marriage and relations Opposite Venus in Gemini and Square Mars in Virgo
    November,28, 2012 Gemini (28) In domestic matters  from tough aspect from social links and education and support from earned income Quincunx Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, Square Chiron in Pisces, Quincunx Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, Supportive to Uranus in Aries
    Solar Eclipse
    May-20 Gemini (21) In domestic matters tough aspect from earning matters Square Neptune in Pisces
    Nov-13 Scorpio (14) In travel, education, and higher learning  

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