Pisces 2014 Horoscope
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Imagination and creativity are meeting together in Pisces. Neptune is ocean of dreams and vision. He is also leader of selfless service. A Pisces should help social cause to maximise Neptune presence in its sign. On negative side, Neptune also rules drugs and excessive drinks. Their consumption should be limited. Neptune also rules water. Living near water will be good but it should be safe. Let’s discuss how 2014 will unfold for imaginative Pisces sign.

Jupiter’s Blessing Jupiter, lord of luck, is passing through romantic chart in first half of 2014. Love and child will gain through it. New face may come in your love life. Elder child may give healing to your pains. Romantic matters help our heart to express and live life to fullest. However, there is slight issue at quarter 1.

Jupiter is in retrograde until March 16, which may give conflicting signal about stability of love. Complex equations between planets may question which way you should go. Situation should normalize after quarter 1.

After July 16, Jupiter will move to Leo. Focus will turn to work and health stability. New job may come your way. Boss may realise your true potential. Health parameters may improve through right physical exercises. Join some health club to make self fit.

Sibling, travel, and Contracts: Pisces will have support from Saturn in 2014 as well. Travel to distance places is possible. Plan your travel near sea. Holiday spots should be planned keeping astro aspects in consideration. Higher education should be rewarded now. In fact, 2014 could be milestone year in expanding global understanding. You may go extra mile in distance, relation linkage, or education. Pisces is well placed to break outer layer of understanding and knowledge. It will be time to integrate foreign people, education, and culture for some Pisces. In-laws may become little demanding in this scenario or teacher may demand extra effort in studies.

Two eclipses on 28th April and 23rd October are in related houses of travel and communication health. Solar eclipse of April 28 is in sibling and communication. This eclipse has amazing support from Pluto (passion in social house), Jupiter (luck in creative house) , and Neptune (vision). Use this new moon to add new skill, gadget, or a car. Holiday with sibling or love will also get huge support.

Second eclipse, 23rd October, is in long distance travel and education. Higher education or spirituality will be rewarded. Foreign people or society will welcome you wholeheartedly. This is a supportive new moon. Mars (action in social status), Neptune (vision), and Mercury (clear communication) are supporting this eclipse. Do write a book or blog. You will learn more about your hidden skills.

Partner’s income: Lunar eclipse of April 15 will be in Libra. This is slightly tough eclipse in eighth house. Guard yourself from emotional or financial loss. A property matter may reach at culmination point, which may not be in your favour. Taxman may be tough at you. Loan interest may rise above calculated one.

Mars will in Libra until July 26. It is long period for Mars in one house. Uranus and Mars opposition will be added to nodes opposition around July 13, do expect challenging time. Some Pisces may gain financially, but chance of loss through others will remain there. After first half of 2014, situation will get back to normal. If partner is facing some issue in sustaining current job,second half of 2014 looks better.

Earning income, friends and Social reach : Uranus and Pluto are in tough aspect with each other. It should impact your earning and social life. It may happen in many ways. Like, you may spend on social causes in unplanned manner. A friend may not return your hard earn money. Or a friend may compete for same position, if you are trying for bigger role. Alternatively, you may lose social worth because of your attachment with a friend.

Big transformation is earning is possible. This is mainly daily cash flow. Having additional resource or buffer will help. These issues will be prominent until 2015.

Lunar eclipse of October 8 will bring earned income issue to culmination. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in sync at this lunar eclipse. Cash flow will remain stable and will get boost to new level. You may negotiate with your current employer for higher pay.

If you were born near March 8, you will get maximum benefit. Uranus may give you eccentric approach to deal earning issues.

Moreover, this will be a year of independence from social show-off. If you were born near March 2-5, this transition will be intense in first quarter. Two squares of 21th April and 15th December are part of five interactions from 2012 to 2015.

Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in eleventh house. Friends and social interface won’t be that lucky.

Tough Time – Jan 31 to April 23: This time range is tough for all zodiac signs. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are making Tough Square. Be cautious as Jupiter (in romantic stability), Pluto (passion at friendship matters) and Uranus (unplanned earning) are in tough mood. If you were born between March 1 to 5 , changes may be more intense for you.

Active birthdates:  Birthdates between 21 to 30th will go through initiations. Birthdates between 6 to 16 will get culmination of their hard work. Full moons one after another will ensure you get rewards of your hard work in different houses. March 1 to 4 may face domestic independence issues.

Best Week – September 25 : Earning matters would be at its peak.

Worst Week – April 20 : It will be a week with many tough aspects. Better to keep low profile

Best Days for Love : Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs from July 18- August 12. Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from September 5 – September 29. You can shine brightly with Venus in your 10th house of status from November 16 to December 10. You are attractive with Venus in the 1st from April 5 to May 3.

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