Pisces 2016 Horoscope
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Pisces has an important year – 2016. With Neptune in first house and Jupiter in seventh house, you will be big player in zodiac. Additionally, Eclipses are happening in your sign. If I say in few words, 2016 is a milestone year in your life. You can’t handle it alone or unprepared. It is better you take guide, mentor or guru who can help you in ups and downs. Roller coaster life for emotional sign like you needs help. Hope in end you emerge victorious. Do share your experience at thinkastro@yahoo.co.in for my understanding.

Neptune is in first house. You may feel lack of clarity. Vision may be hazy. Our identity is our power. Cause gives identity. Hope you have single cause. In current situation, you may be juggling within multiple causes. Remain away from liquid issue like excessive drinks, drugs, and water shortage or excess.

Jupiter is in relationship chart. Marriage and partnership will be key. Build partnership on strong values. A good marriage life may bring all negativity to an end. You have someone who can hold your hand in tough times. Deepened your commitment. Grow together.

Pluto is transforming your social life. Friends and social media may help you in big way. You may be deeply attached to your friends. Social links may be key of happiness. You may connect to some influential people. Addiction to social media is also possible.

Uranus is driving your earned income. Keep expenses in check. Change in earned income source may be possible. Expect is part of life. Learn as much is possible in it. If I have to divide 2016 on monthly basis, Jan-Feb are cool months. March is very volatile month. April is again cool month. May-June will bring financial pressure. July –August are normal slow months. September is again volatile. Changes will catch you unexpectedly. October’s last week is tough. November –December are tough months. Plan things based on these dates. Exploit cool months for your benefits. Play safe during hard months.

Let’s discuss it by birthdates. If you were born within 29 Feb- 10 March, this year will be more about initiations. Push things in right direction. If you were born within 14 March to 20 March or 22 Feb to 24 Feb, this year is about culmination. Matters will probably will ends more. It is maturity time. Solar cycle works this way. Half birthdays see initiation (New moon) and half sees culmination (Closures)

Eclipses bring changes in our lives. They are milestones which just jolt us to review our weakness and strengths. They want us to focus or address these area or use them. Four eclipses are due in 2016. First series is in March. Solar eclipse of March 9 is about focus on self outllook. It may reach at boiling point. Personal behaviour may need fresh start. Stick to values. This eclipse has potential to start something big. Pressure on you will be high to make productive use of life. This eclipse is tough having Jupiter and north node in opposition. News will be big. This is most aspected eclipse in 2016. Saturn (tough) and Pluto (soft) are also making angle with this eclipse. Friends are only saving grace on this eclipse. A male member may depart from your life.

Next eclipse is in same month and on 23 March. It is in partner’s income and loan house. It is lunar eclipse. Expense may be high. But it will be better reasons. A property matter may conclude. You may get big insurance cheque. There are many possibilities around this lunar eclipse.

Next series of eclipses are in September. Solar eclipse of September 1 is hazy and explosive. This eclipse will change marriage and commitment. Partnership will be great. If single, marriage proposals will come your way. If married, new phase will start in commitment. Keep exploring way on how you can consolidate the partnership. Lunar eclipse of September 16 is also very closely locked between Mars and Uranus. It is again in your house. A big change will occur. Emotional volatility will be high. It is decisive time after long battle. You will conclude a major life decision. Life will be literally pushed to corner.

Despite some roadblocks. Focus hard on green areas like Travel, in-laws, teacher, partner’s income and gains. Be cautiously aggressive on career front.

Career is important in 2016 as Saturn and Mars are staying in 10th house for longer period. These all signature will push towards your home instability. Be cautions while changing career in 2016. Take care of father’s health. Father or husband‘s health may deteriorate dramatically in 2016. Be cautious, remain confident. You are lovely child and most adorable in zodiac. God is always there in prayers.

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