SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):: January 2018 Horoscope

Wish you a very happy new year dear Sagittarius.

Saturn is out of your house. It is big relief. You can slowly come out of mess, if any. Now pressure will shift to earned income house.

January is big month for hidden friends and planning. Both Mars and Jupiter are in twelfth house. You have extra luck in your favour till January 25. Many things may go on in your mind. You have hidden support in big way.

New Year will begin with partnerís income and loan. Full moon is happening in Cancer on January 2. This is productive full moon to evaluate financial needs. It has support of Mars (action in mental peace) and Neptune (vision in domestic help). It has Opposition from Pluto (hate) and Venus (hunger) from hard earned life. Spend slowly and cautiously. Donít go in casual sex. It may backfire. Someoneís hate may reduce your worth.

This is a supermoon so emotions will be high. If you were born near December 2, this full moon is too close.

On January 2, Uranus will go direct, so love life would be a focus point.

Hard earned source may slow down a bit. Saturn is moving in it now. You need extra money. You need to live productive life. You may have lot of pendency on table. New moon of January 16 will give some hint to you. It is tough with Uranus (Unexpected news from romantic love or child), but has support from Jupiter (luck from hidden friend) and Chiron (healing in domestic health). Child may need extra cash. Romantic love may ask for financial help. You may love someone, but is it not always necessary that he loves in return.

If you were born near December 15, this new moon will bring new opportunities.

January end has one big lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31. If you were near November 31, this eclipse will be very transformative and positive. Redefine your travel and in-laws. It is in supportive sign. Go out on travel. It will help. Hire new teacher. Join spirituality. Go out

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter is moving in social health. People will come forward to appreciate your high connects. Sagittarius is always positive sign. This help is till OCtober 10, 2017.

Saturn and Pluto are transforming your earned income. Strengthening earned income is your priority. Financial passion may take you to next level.

Uranus is driving romantic links (till May 2018). Focus on elder child will be immense. His care and love will be key. If you are in love, romantic relations will be different and may keep you engage.

Neptune is in domestic space. If you compare ideal home situation with current state, you may feel some gap. Idealism is your dream and you are waiting for some miracle to change it.

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