SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):: June 2020 Horoscope

Eclipse season is coming your way. It will change your life in next 18 months in big way. Life priority may change. It is marriage relations that will come to your focus. First lot of eclipse will be on June 5 in your own house. This eclipse will test your insecurities. Wil come to the surface. Love and hate will be symptoms of this eclipse.

Earned income is in focus for many sagittarius. June 30 is best day to resolve any money related matter.

Mercury will go in retrograde on June 18 and Neptune on June 23. Mercury will go retrograde on June 18 to July 12. Know your plans well. Review them well. Neptune will go retrograde from June 22 (20 Deg Pisces) to November 28 (18 Deg Pisces). It is time to cut off the illusion from the past.Know your domestic securities well. Home may not be as secure as expected it to be .

Lunar eclipse of June 5 is in outlook matters. Emotions and impulsiveness would be high. So keep nerve in control. Weak link may want to go away. If you were born near December 5, this lunar eclipse will be a point of culmination for domestic security. Keep your walls safe. Mother’s health may be concern point. Emotional volatility will be high. Take care.

Solar eclipse of June 21 is new beginning. It will act differently for people born near November 20 and december 20. If you were born near November 20, this new moon is new expenses. A big expense may come up to solve some contract issue or division with sibling. Drive safely. If you were born near December 20, this eclipse is about marriage and relations. Commitment may come on hard test. Holding it together may be tough.

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