SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):: March 2019 Horoscope

March has focus on you, Sagittarius, it is about self outlook and perception, as Jupiter is moving between Taurus-Sagittarius. There is no planet other than moon between Taurus and Scorpio. Uranus will enter in Taurus on March 5. That will be big time for Sagittarius to transform earned income in next seven years.

Another big accumulation is in Capricorn. People around you may be crying war or unrest. Saturn and Pluto are too close. Intense pressure to transform earned income and self worth will be there. Big responsibility or pressure to have more money to spend. Use money with extra care.

Mars will be in Taurus. Job and health will be key now. Realign your work needs. Mars is coming in this part after two years. Fix health defects.

Mercury is in retrograde in March 2019. Things may go slow. Push them politely knowing the mercury nature. It will be from March 5 to March 28. Initial phase of mercury retrograde remains tough, especially pre March 5. You will see desire to push things hard but some unplanned events will pushback.

New moon of March 6, will be key for the start of new journey. It is about home and domestic affair. It is best time to protect and celebrate home life. New home may be key for celebration. Mercury, Neptune, Sun and Moon are in Pisces. This new moon has support from Mars and Saturn. So, it is a productive time.

If you were born near December 5, this new moon will be closer to you.

Full moon of March is on March 21 on zero degree Libra. This full moon has unexpected element (Uranus is tough with it. If you were born near November 20, this culmination is about social relationship and friends. A friend may need help. If you were born near December 20, this culmination will be about career and social status.

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