SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21):: March 2018 Horoscope

March is a mix month. Try to do maximum in first fifteen days.

March will start with a full moon in Career house. On March 1, Social status will reach at culmination. Career or prestige matters will be key. Neptune is opposing this full moon. Stay away from lies and illusion of career status. Meet influential people for better prospects in future.

If you were born near December 1, this full moon will be important.

Jupiter will go in retrograde on March 8. Mental peace may fluctuate. You need meditation and yoga. A friend may turn friend or foe at same time.

On March 17, Mars will move to Capricorn. Mars feels better (exalts) in Capricorn. With Saturn and Pluto are in your earned income chart, Mars will add more fire. Expenses may be very high. Employer may be tough at you. Till March 17, Mars is helping you to aggressively close pending deals. Extra energy is with you. Use it in first fifteen days, in last fifteen days, just protect your money flow. Have some buffer for tough time.

On March 17, New moon is due in Pisces. It is in domestic house. Jupiter is supporting this new moon and Uranus is also tentative. Mother will love to see you. Domestic situation will be happy to handle. A property matter may see new turn.

If you were born near December 17, this new moon will help.

Mercury will get in retrograde on March 23 to April 15. Decision will go slow. Information will be hazy. Don't buy anything big or decide anything important. Let the full information come.

On March 31, Full moon is due in Libra, This is tough full moon. Mars (action), Mercury (Communication) and Saturn (restrictions) are tough on it. This is in social house. A friend may be in pain. He may need financial input from you. A social event may get too costly. Sagittarius is known for high expenses. Take care.

If you were born near November 31, this full moon will be close to you.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter is moving in social health. People will come forward to appreciate your high connects. Sagittarius is always positive sign. This help is till OCtober 10, 2017.

Saturn and Pluto are transforming your earned income. Strengthening earned income is your priority. Financial passion may take you to next level.

Uranus is driving romantic links (till May 2018). Focus on elder child will be immense. His care and love will be key. If you are in love, romantic relations will be different and may keep you engage.

Neptune is in domestic space. If you compare ideal home situation with current state, you may feel some gap. Idealism is your dream and you are waiting for some miracle to change it.

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