Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope
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Saturn is moving though Sagittarius now. It is time to connect to higher ups. It may be people, objective, goals, or education. Discipline should be key. Saturn is a task master. Stick to values. Truth is your strength, Sagittarius. Saturn loves it. Be optimistic. Saturn may be harsh sometimes but it has a good purpose to train you, mature you, and make you more responsible.

You have especial focus this year by god. Mars will be staying in your house for five long months (March to May) and then (August- September). Having both Saturn and Mars in one house may show some frustration. You may want to act but caution needed. Progress slowly if sensing roadblocks. Act aggressively, if you are sensing you are on right side and deserve better. Jupiter is in tenth house of career. Social status may be on verge of expansion or contraction. It may not remain same in current situation. Both conditions need commitment for change and flexibly to adept.

After September 6, Jupiter will be in friends and social arena. It is much better situation to you after hectic year. You will meet many new friends and faces.

I do want to touch mental thoughts and peace in this discussion. Mars will stay in Scorpio for four months (Jan –Feb and June –July). It is long time. Many thoughts or hidden issue may go on in your mind. Meditate to balance your thoughts. It is productive time to have hidden planning. Refine your life goals. Visualise them well. Concentrate more on objective for which you are here. Don’t let others to run their agenda especially in your mind.

Neptune is in domestic chart. It may be very hazy. It is there or not. It is confusion stage. Something is missing in your vision of ideal home. Fix water , cleanliness issue or security issue if any. Protect a property which may come under legal threat. These are some vulnerable area in 2016. Astrology is not a science of fear but it is warning beforehand so that you can take precaution. Take care of your mother’s health. Pluto is moving in earned income and self-worth. Pluto rules intense transformation. As tough Uranus –Pluto square is out, you may sense some stability. As it is long pending issue, you also know how to tackle it and what may come.

If I have to divide 2016 on monthly basis, Jan-Feb are cool months. March is very volatile month. April is again cool month. May-June will bring career pressure. July –August are normal slow months. September is again volatile. Changes will catch you unexpectedly. October’s last week is tough. November –December are tough months. Plan things based on these dates. Exploit cool months for your benefits. Play safe during hard months.

Let’s discuss it by birthdates. If you were born within 29 November- 10 December, this year will be more about initiations. Push things in right direction. If you were born within 14 December to 20 December or 22 November to 24 November, this year is about culmination. Matters will probably will ends more. It is maturity time. Solar cycle works this way. Half birthdays see initiation (New moon) and half sees culmination (Closures)

Eclipses bring changes in our lives. They are milestones which just jolt us to review our weakness and strengths. They want us to focus or address these area or use them. Four eclipses are due in 2016. First series is in March. Solar eclipse of March 9 is about focus on domestic affair and home. It may reach at boiling point. This eclipse will bring force to start new domestic life. You may buy new home or may shift home. This eclipse is tough having Jupiter and north node in opposition. News will be big. This is most aspected eclipse in 2016. Saturn (tough) and Pluto (soft) are also making angle with this eclipse. Financial gains possible. Although it may have some emotional loss. A property dispute may resolve. Take care of mother’s health.

Next eclipse is in same month and on 23 March. It is in your social health. It is lunar eclipse. Friend and social links may appreciate you for your fight and dedication. You will come out with flying colour. A marriage function or social event may highlight your potential.

Next series of eclipses are in September. Solar eclipse of September 1 is hazy and explosive. This eclipse will change social status. It is time to rebuild social muscle. People will come and reward you for your achievements.

Lunar eclipse of September 16 is also very closely locked between Mars and Uranus. Domestic life will need commitment from you. You may change home in sudden or impulsive decision. Mother needs health care. Resolve property issue. Fix weakness at home. You can do good out of home. But do take care of home safety.

Despite some roadblocks. Focus hard on green areas like career, social life, friends, and planning. Be cautiously aggressive on outlook, home, and earned income. Giving brief of each month in next table without astrological jargon.

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