Scorpio 2010 Horoscope
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Are you waiting for publishing a new website or book? 2010 is an excellent year to do so. Publications, education, spirituality, foreign travel, foreign people, in-laws, or contract is getting unexceptional support this year. A series of eclipse is helping the changes. With Mars in your career sector, these initiatives must give you much needed rewards. Additionally, you have Jupiter (luck) and Uranus (surprises) in your creativity house. If you are a student, this could turn out to be an exceptional year. You may surprise your teachers /boss /fans with your creative work or ideas.

If you have been facing problem with your neighbor or sibling, this year may bring it on surface. On negative side, this year may question a contract or relation with neighbor, in-laws, or sibling.

Based on birthdates, this year will impact all Scorpio differently. If you were born within 17 to 27th date range, this year will be more eventful than others. For people within 22 to 27, sibling-communication-travel, health and work life may demand your attention and planning. 2010 may be quite busy year for you. Balancing these career and health will be required. If you have any weakness in value system, it may come out in open. With Mars in your tenth house, you may also see career changes. If you were born within 17 to 22nd date range, this year will be more about financial and emotional changes. Your financial and emotional equity may see readjustment. You may see many big gains and losses in 2010.

However, if you were born within 4 to 15th date range, 2010 is a year of start ups. You may start a new website or educational course.


Action time

Career, awards and social status

Jan 1 to Jun 7 

Friends, society 

Jun 7 to July 29

Hidden places, psychological health

July 29 to Sep 14 

Self outlook 

Sep 14 to Oct 28

Earned income 

Oct 28 to Dec 7 

Sibling and travel 

Dec 7 to 



Some area will be more active at different point in time as mentioned in Table 1. Table 2 is more about Mercury retrograde period i.e not to act just wait period.

If you are looking for career success, mid 2010 provides an opportunity to do so. With Jupiter and Uranus in your work life, you may get additional responsibility along with prestige.

2010 may be divided in three equal parts. Middle part is completely different and intense than other two parts. So, plan your major actions in first and last four months period. Letís discuss major aspects in detail.

Eclipses - Dramatic changes

Travel , higher education, spirituality, or in-laws - Unexpected changes

  • Culmination point 31 Dec 2009 +/- one month
  • As year starts, you have a lunar eclipse in your ninth house on 31 December 31, 2009. With Pluto, Venus, Sun, north node, and Mercury in your sibling chart, you might see culmination of a travel and educational matters.

    This eclipse will bring a matter to culmination, very likely a trip that you will either take or be wrapping up with someone you love, such as a sweetheart, spouse, or even a child.

    If you are an artist, you may decide to take a trip to a beautiful setting where you get a chance to paint scenes that are quite different from those you'd see at home. Any of these reasons would be a good idea.

    This eclipse will fall in your ninth house, so if you do take a trip near December 31, it is likely to be a distant one that might require an air ticket or long train ride. It is likely you'll go to a foreign country where you'll need a passport and use different currency, or you may host friends or relatives from afar in your city.

    It is also possible that you will explore the idea of doing some sort of import-export of goods, services, or information with individuals in a foreign country. If you write, perhaps your books will be translated into other languages, or if you have a popular website, it may be translated as well. Global relationships, study, and travel are certainly on the docket, and as said, this is a trend that is just cranking up.

    It's a full moon eclipse, so something is coming to a grand conclusion. It could be good news, or not so good news, but either way, the news of the eclipse will eventually benefit you.

    Communication trouble - Scorpio


    Sibling or communication

    Jan-1 to Jan-15

    Marriage or relations

    Apr-8 to May-11

    Social events

    Aug-20 to Sep-12


    Dec-10 to Dec-30

  • Initiation point July 11 2010 +/- One month
  • Another eclipse is happening in same house on July 11. However, this is a new moon and indicates an initiation point in same area. The solar eclipse, July 1, will open a new chapter of professional growth. It will be up to you to follow up on leads that arise that this eclipse.

    You may get unexpected opportunities to travel abroad at this time or to do business internationally but never have to leave home - you may be doing so from your desk.

    If you are getting ready to go to college or graduate school, the eclipse will allow you to adapt to a whole new lifestyle. You will like the change, and you'll find your new educational experience amazingly broadening. You may be especially interested in philosophical or theological subjects, as the ninth house, being so strongly lit this year, will encourage study of these areas.

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