Scorpio 2013 Horoscope
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High Intensity of Change: New year brings many changes. 2013 is very important to Scorpio sign. You are in middle of Saturnís transit along with series of eclipses. It means intense wind of changes which may change many things in way. Perceptions may change in big way. Not only your but you may start perceiving others in different way. Saturn brings discipline in life. Value centric life will be rewarded. It is not very easy to manage Saturn in first house. Even if you get big reward in some area, you might see yourself in tight situation on other front. It is an exam time and we should proactively review all aspects of life thoroughly. Saturn will take two and half year to transit Scorpio. Before taking major decision, do take inputs from elders and experienced professionals.

Two consistent eclipses are happening in Scorpio in 2013. First eclipse is on 24th April (lunar) and second is on 3rd November (solar). First one will bring culmination and second one is about initiation. First eclipse has Mars in seventh house of relationship. Relations should play an important role now. If single, marriage commitment may be prime focal point. If married, bond may reach at different level. During second eclipse of November 3 Mars will be in practical Virgo. Social life and friends will play an important role.

First eclipse of April 24th is slightly negative. Luckily, love life will give support to this lunar eclipse. Something close to your heart will reach at culmination. Marriage or business relations will oppose this change.

Meanwhile, solar eclipse of May 9 will bring focus on marriage life again. Business partnership should grow to next level. This is an initiation point. If you have business idea in mind, go after that idea. If single, marriage may be on card for some Scorpio. Sibling will support this relationship change. Activities should get closed for business initiative.

Another eclipse will also be an initiation (solar eclipse) on November 3. It is highly aspected new moon. Work life may bring some depression. However, travel and distant relative may support initiative. Mars has long stay in Libra in 2013-14. You may feel boundation of some kind. Next six months are like that only.

May to November is active time range: In Saturn stay in Libra, you may have lived away from normal society. Some kind of emotional or social boundation was there. That may get activated again in first half of 2014. Intensity wonít be that much. 2013 is more about front end actions.

May to November is active time. All five eclipses are happening during this time range along with Uranus and Pluto squares. Mars is highly sensitive in Taurus during April and May stay. Relations of equal powers wonít be easy now. Critics may come out in open.

Best week Ė July 17 - It is an amazing week. Love and travel are in perfect trine. Education and creativity will be at its peak.

25 to 3 are most active birthdate range: Node (hunger at perception), Pluto (passion in sibling, routine activity), Neptune (vision in love), Uranus (surprises in work), Saturn (security at outlook), and eclipses (concrete changes) are touching this range more. Intensity of changes may be high than any other birthdates.

Managing productive activities and physical fitness: Uranus ĖPluto close square is happening in sibling and work chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction within sibling, neighbour, time management, routine activities, productivity, work environment, or health. Creativity and technology may solve some issues. Donít waste time in unproductive stuff. Keep focussing on bigger goals. Rework is possible along with missed efforts.

These houses will be more intense near 20th May and 1st November. Lunar eclipse of October 18 in sixth house will bring above mentioned issues at culmination point. It seems last quarter of the year is extremely active on work and health chart. Donít ignore health. Do take proper rest. Continuous engagement in activities may make you ignorant on health front.

Alternatively, last quarter will be very active on work life. Many changes at workplace are possible. You may start working on completely different area. Additional responsibility may come. If things are not going well at workplace, donít take excessive risk. Eclipse, October 18, will be tough on Jupiter. Long distance travel should be ignored.

Financial culmination near May 25: On May 25, we have lunar eclipse in earned income chart. Earning may grow or culminate now. If it is pay revision time, negotiate hard to get best result. Open a new source of income and work on it.

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