Scorpio 2014 Horoscope
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Scorpio sign in middle of Saturn’s transit along with series of eclipses. It means intense wind of changes, which may change many things in your life. Perceptions may change in big way. Not only may yours but you may also start perceiving others in different way.

Saturn brings discipline in life. Value centric life will be rewarded. It is not very easy to manage Saturn in first house. Even if you get big reward in some area, you might see yourself in tight situation on other front. It is an exam time and we should proactively review all aspects of life thoroughly. Saturn will take two and half year to transit Scorpio. Before taking major decision, do take inputs from elders and experienced professionals. Let’s discuss how 2014 will unfold for intense Scorpio sign.

Jupiter’s Blessing Jupiter, lord of luck, is passing through travel and education in first half of 2014. Jupiter brings focus on publication and foreign people. You may be living away from home. In-laws may be support for family or self. Exploring world in intellectual sense may help. Do take a pen and write a book. High end research may help too. Jupiter is luck , However , there is slight issue at quarter 1.

Jupiter is in retrograde until March 16, which may give conflicting signal about your commitment to educational goals. Stress may come from skills , subject understanding, or work commitments.

After July 16, Jupiter will move to Leo. Focus will turn to social status. It will be rewarding time. Influential people will appreciate your commitment and depth of understanding. Do explore each and every opportunity to grow higher in life. Near 25th September, Work and career will grow amazingly.

Inner self and relations: Inner core is getting mature by Saturn’s maturity. Perceptions are changing for you. If you have lazy image, run a marathon and break it. So much focus is there in physical house. For some, health may deteriorate.

Two eclipses on 28th April and 23rd October are in related houses of relations and self. Solar eclipse of April 28 is in marriage and relations. This eclipse has amazing support from Pluto (passion in sibling and contract), Jupiter (education) , and Neptune (creativity in love). Use this new moon to connect with marriage partner. New beginning will happen. If single, new proposals may come for discussion. Some old relations’ may take peaceful exit.

Second eclipse, 23rd October, is in self-house. This is again a supportive new moon. Mars (action in earned income), Neptune (love), and Mercury (clear communication) are supporting this eclipse. Be ready for negotiation for higher salary. Elder child may give you some amazing idea.

Psychological matters and isolation: Lunar eclipse of April 15 will be in Libra. This is slightly tough eclipse in twelfth house. Emotional boundaries may keep you restricted in some sense. If you are living in isolation, feel for someone will increase. Loneliness is increasing on planet. It is more so now with emotional Scorpio.

Mars will in Libra until July 26. It is long period for Mars in one house. Uranus and Mars opposition will be added to nodes opposition around July 13, do expect challenging time. First half of 2014 may be more about planning, boundaries, delays, frustration, and isolation. It is great time to practice detachment and give people more than expecting.

Health and work : Sixth house is work and health house. Scorpio sign has been learning a lot about physical and emotional health. Lunar eclipse of October 8 will bring key health issue to culmination. Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in sync at this lunar eclipse. It will be about reinventing the health wheel. You may feel culmination of all hard work. Do plan preventive health check. If some weakness is emerging, it will get exposed. Both health houses are so vibrant now. It is better to take proactive measures, otherwise you or some your relative may get weak.

From work side, new work culture may emerge. You may get additional work responsibilities. You would love to take them.

If you were born near November 8, you will get maximum benefit. Uranus may give you eccentric approach to deal health and productivity matters.

Meanwhile, Uranus –Pluto close square is happening in work and productivity chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction within productivity and boss. Or health issue may take you again and again to health websites or hospitals. If productivity is not good, keep situation under watch. It is tough until 2015. Innovative ways will help you to live a productive life.

This will be a year of independence from commitments and diseases. If you were born near November 2-5, this transition will be intense in first quarter. Two squares of 21th April and 15th December are part of five interactions from 2012 to 2015.

Venus retrograde at the start of this year falls in third house. Ensure you eat right food on time.

Tough Time – Jan 31 to April 23: This time range is tough for all zodiac signs. Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are making Tough Square. Be cautious as Jupiter (in travel and education), Pluto (passion at sibling and engagement), and Uranus (unexpected work culture or health) are in tough mood. If you were born between November 1 to 5 , changes may be more intense for you.

Active birthdates: Birthdates between 21 to 30th will go through initiations. Birthdates between 6 to 16 will get culmination of their hard work. Full moons one after another will ensure you get rewards of your hard work in different houses. November 1 to 5 may face financial independence issues.

Best Week – September 25 : Physical stamina or health matters would be at its peak.

Worst Week – April 20 : It will be a week with many tough aspects. Better to keep low profile

Best Days for Love: Venus enters your 5th house of love affairs from April 5 – May 2. Venus conjunct Neptune there is hugely romantic on April 11. Love heals all on April 21 with Venus conjunct Chiron. Venus is in your 7th house of marriage from May 29 – June 23. You can shine brightly with Venus in your 10th house of status from August 12 – September 5. Be lucky in love when Venus is conjunct Jupiter there on August 18. Seduce with Venus conjunct Lilith on August 28. You are attractive with Venus in the 1st from October 24 – November 16. Venus conjunct Sun on October 28 makes you extra magnetic.

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