Taurus 2013 Horoscope
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Wish all Taurus a very happy and productive new year. Solar cycle for Taurus starts from April- May and culminates on October- November. Your ruler, Venus, will bless Taurus starting April 15 to May 9 which is expected to be good time.

Series of eclipse is coming your way. It will help in your inner and outer transformations. Transformations may be related to self, relations, or finance. Overall speed of events is supposed to increase. Being a fixed sign some changes may not go well. Changes are part of life and only constant. Nature loves changes.

Self-transformation: One eclipse of 9th May is happening in your own sign. This eclipse will drive the outlook, perception, or overall thinking changes in you. Solar eclipse means big initiative. Many planets have aspects with this new moon. Saturn (insecurity in relations) is opposing it while Pluto ( passion in travel and education) is supporting it. It may be best time to take admission in higher education.

Pressure will build up on relations of equals: Let us discuss various part of life as planned in 2013. Astrology is best available tool to look forward in hazy future. Relations are core theme in 2013. With Saturn in opposite Scorpio, you may feel fundamental changes in meaning of attachment and relations. Marriage and business relations may get stressed or demanding. Insecurity may increase. Being a fixed sign, fixed behaviour may hurt sentiments. Flexibility in approach may help in dealing any conflict. Saturn does not like fixation. If business partnership is not going well, you should be better to taper off the deal with some backup.

Marriage partnership will be crucial for you. Partner will be more prominent for married couple. Your decisions will be critically evaluated. This also creates enemies. Defending your right decisions with logic should be your priority. Bonds/attachment will weaken for many Taurus.

Two eclipses of 25th April and 3rd November are also critical. Both are in Scorpio and will accelerate this change process. Mars will be there in Taurus on April 25th eclipse. That makes this eclipse more prominent. A fixed emotional fight is possible between partners.

First eclipse, April 25, has isolated Saturn in relations and Mars in Taurus. Real impactful event is possible. Friends will help.

Second eclipse of November 1 is most aspected eclipse in 2013. It may bring tough rational decision to forefront. Saturn (insecurity in relation) and Uranus (in mental peace) are opposing it . However, Jupiter (luck in sibling) and Mars are supporting this eclipse.

May to November is active time range: On lighter side, Mars will enter in fifth house of love and creativity in October and November. Love and creative boost is due in these two months. For parents, January -September –October are supportive months.

Mars is supporting all initiatives in 2013. Don’t expect much from other people. This is mantra for 2013.

All five eclipses are happening during this time range along with Uranus and Pluto squares.

First half has focus on financial world: Let’s discuss other parts in chart. Finance is getting culmination on lunar eclipse of 25th May. This eclipse will culminate all hard work in financial terms. Try to plan financial decisions near that date. Neptune is opposing it which means try to realistic in planning. Oil investment may bring losses.

In June – July, Mars will be in earned income chart. It will be good to speed up your financial efforts in these two months. First six months are blessed with Jupiter and will keep your earning growth intact. Earning is best protected in his hand than any other sign. It is time to accumulate assets.

Luck moves to sibling and routine tasks in second half: After June 26, Jupiter will move to third house of activity. Child’s basic education or self-education will get help.

25 to 3 are most active birthdate range: Node (hunger in relations), Pluto (passion in spirituality or education), Neptune (vision in social health), Uranus (surprises in hidden friends), Saturn (security in relations), and eclipses (concrete changes) are touching this range more. Intensity of changes may be high than any other birthdates.

Best week – July 17 - What a lovely week it is? Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are making perfect trine. Go and have fun. It is highly supportive week relation, sibling, and social links.

Travel, education, and Spirituality: Thinking broadly helps in moving away from attachments. Spirituality can play role in understating existence of self. Higher education is needed to sharpen the skills. I am discussing this as focus is huge in these astro houses.

Two major planets Uranus and Pluto are making tough square with each other. Two squares of 20th May and 1st November are part of five interactions from 2012 to 2015. This must bring stress with in-laws, teacher, or travel agent to its peak. Additionally, lunar eclipse of October 18th is here to peak such issues. Thought speed will be at its peak. I would recommend mediation classes for Taurus sign. Collecting ideas and using it for better use is important. Truly speaking this is great time for research and development. Some Taurus will do great in patent and innovation. However, some may go to conflict with in-laws or distant relatives. It will be a waste opportunity for them.

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