Taurus 2015 Horoscope
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Relationships are key to personal wellness. Having any stressful relations may lead to many side effects. Emotional fulfillment comes from close relations. We compete and collaborate with close by relations for emotional needs. Taurus is much attached sign. Possessiveness may backfire sometimes. Saturn has been moving in seventh house. Partnership bonds are being tested. Although we want to trust all but betrayal and duplicity are also part of game. If some relation is not meant for you, this would come to your review. Stress would be high. Some Taurus has passed through this test. Some are still going through.

Starting December 23, 2014, Saturn will move to partnerís income. Best way to handle this transit is to keep emotional and financial buffer. No need to go all out. Financial and emotional drain main stress you out.

Jupiterís Blessing..

Jupiter is lord of blessing. Once in twelve year , it touches one area. Till August 12, 2015, it is in domestic field. You should think differently about improving domestic conditions. New home may come easy. Domestic welfare is one area where you and partner would fully agree. Create common goal to align whole team in one direction.

August 3, 2015 is critical date. Jupiter and Saturn will square. It is a tough square. Near that date creativity , risky investment may backfire.

On August 12, 2015 Jupiter will move to love and creativity chart. Last quarter of 2015 is more about fun and creativity.

Culmination points in health and wellness

Taurus I met have two extreme , either very physically active or dull. This year will redefine your health meaning. Either coming volatility may make you more reliable or may make you more vulnerable.

Sixth house has lunar eclipse on April 4, 2015 and twelfth house has lunar eclipse on September 27, 2015. Both lunar eclipses are here to declare result about your personal well-being. Previous eclipse was in isolation chart on October 8, 2014. It means 3 key milestones in health. These are geocosmic effects which amplifies environmental impact on your health.

Donít push things hard especially between March 16 to April 4 , 2015. Some may get this scenario in work life. Work life may take abrupt changes. A boss may leave or you may find yourself in dock. Keep trying for new job. Especially near eclipses chances of new job would be high.

Pluto is travel life. You may explore education or travel business. Or, your job may need additional distances to be covered.

Whether it is emotional or physical wellness, manage your habits and time well.

New beginning in friends and social links

People bring life to you. Life interaction is source of learning. Friends and social links bring new insight and meaning to life. Solar eclipse of Mar 20 is in social house and this is a positive eclipse. It will be time to redefine your social interaction process.

Jupiter will oppose Neptune on September 16 and Saturn square with Neptune on November 26. Near these dates you may face illusion in love and friendship whichever is close to your heart. Someone may come and unmask his true face. Being attached sign, you would think in painful way.

September 13 is a solar eclipse in romantic health chart. Two big events are happening in September month ( 13 (solar eclipse) and 16 (Jupiter-Neptune Square)). This month may come with some eventful time in life.

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