Taurus 2016 Horoscope
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2016 is like romantic movie for Taurus. Focus is huge on your love and child house. Fun, friend, child, social links, love, or romantic engagement have so much focus. Hope you will enjoy. As we all know all romantic matters may not end well. But all of them give us learning. Live on core values. Better not to play quick fun game. Quick fun game is good for short term but sometimes pain in end become unbearable. Each Taurus would live this life this year.

Love is less in world. Envy and hate are more. Meaning of loyalty is changing in this technology world. Taurus has possessiveness in nature. You fall in love wholeheartedly. If you are married, this love may be to your elder child. In first nine months, you will get immense learning about love, life and people. A friend may leave you with new learning. You may add many new faces in your life at end of 2016.

Friends and social links are key for happiness. We have to balance fun and spending on our friends and love. Many times we keep spending on friends and drinks. Time overspent with friends may hunt us. Money given to a friend may not come back easily in 2016. Social expenses are needed. But lets keep a control on show-off.

Mars will stay longer in seventh house (Jan-Feb , June ĖJuly). Marriage bells may be good for many Taurus. Listen to your partner and work to improve to get a direction. Partnership is about team work. Both parties should think in one direction. If single, 2016 is best year to settle down. If married, improve your commitment level. 2016 is a year to reassure your partnership.

Partnerís income issue, expenses, and unexpected events would be high in 2016. With Mars and Saturn in same area for long time. You may face tax related issue. Loan payment may bother you. Plan your finances well. A source of income may deplete. High expenses may be of two nature. Financial showdown with partner or emotional expense about your love life. Sex life is also being ruled by 2016. Lack of sex is also possible in 2016.

Childís health may be a concern for some Taurus. Emotional conflict may be possible with elder child. Some Taurus may expect too much from their child. Any expectation may lead to mental pressure. I am discussing various possible scenario in 2016. Another possibility is pregnancy delay. Taurus who are waiting for pregnancy may find it little frustrating.

Both Jupiter and Saturn will make square in March and May. Love may be demanding. Patience, maturity and wait may be key here. Donít lose faith in testing time. Keep yourself path of value based love. Keep reminding your love to path of morality and truth. Thankfully Pluto (passion in travel) is supportive. If things goes out of control , plan a trip or read a book.

Travel will come in big way in October and November. November is a stressful month. IN that month, possible travel will happen for work purpose and forced. In mid-2016, Saturn and Neptune are making tough square. You may not be clear about partnerís commitment. You may also explore legal options. Social pressure may be high. You may spend money on social events, links, or friends. Money stuck with a friend may not come back easily.

Jupiter will stay in Libra for one year after September 9. It will be great time to get a new job. If you are not happy with current job situation. You will get this boost for one year. Except November, other months are supportive for health and work.

If you were born between 29 April to 10 May , this year will be more about initiations (New moons). If you were born between 14 May to 20 May or 20 April to 24 April, this year is about culmination (Full Moons).

Eclipses bring changes in our lives. They are milestones which just jolt us to review our weakness. They want us to focus or address these areas. Four eclipses are due in 2016. First series is in March. Solar eclipse of March 9 is about focus on social health. People and hope may come out. Keep your hopes alive. Interact with people and meet new faces. Just take care, you don't get addicted about them.

This eclipse is tough having Jupiter and north node in opposition. News will be big and about love and friend. A male friend may eclipsed out of your life. This is most aspected eclipse in 2016. Saturn (tough) and Pluto (soft) are also making angle with this eclipse. Keep yourself safe near that eclipse.

Next eclipse is in same month and on 23 March. It is in work and health chart. do take care of your health. Emotions may go haywire. Physical health may get exposed.

Next series of eclipses are in September. Solar eclipse of September 1 is hazy and explosive. Your love life may go under sudden changes. May be same area of March 9 may get highlighted here. Remaining pain may have to suck out.

Lunar eclipse of September 16 is also very closely locked between Mars and Uranus. You may react impulsively on sudden situation. Keep your social links in check. A friend may insult you in social event.

Despite some roadblocks. Focus hard on green areas like work and health and other areas. Be cautious on love, child, and friend. Control your expenses. Not every month is same. Giving brief of each month in next table without astrological jargon.

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