Virgo 2011 Horoscope
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Money is important for all of us. We want to create more assets to expand “our world”. Financial and emotional security and growth are important. 2011 is more about it. Virgo is earth sign and known for possessiveness of assets. With Saturn in second house and Jupiter in eighth house, financial planning will be important. You may want to expand your earned income, you may have opportunity as well, but it may require certain adjustments. Both Jupiter and Saturn play like it. One love to expand, another put some resistance/concern in it. You will gain though others. It will be some kind of lottery or property, or partner’s income may through surprise.

2011 is year of new initiatives. This will bring an opportunity to change your home and job. You may live in new city with new status in 2011. As these changes are in Gemini, you may get stuck between two opportunities. If you have new job with high salary, it will make you think whether its worth to take risks. New job may be good but may demand greater dedication, commitment, and changes. Remember, you are most hard working and dedicated zodiac sign. These changes will give you next level of maturity.

Lord of luck will move to your travel arena in second half of 2011. This is time to do well in education. You may gain admission in reputed University, college, or Institute of your choice. Travel to foreign country may be possible. If you love spirituality, you may meet to your favorite guru. These are few possibilities with luck in ninth house. Ultimately, it helps you to explore outside world.


Action time

Love, kid and Creativity

Dec 7 to Jan 15

Work and Health

Jan 15 to Feb 23

Marriage, Business and Relations

Feb 23 to Apr 4

Partner's income, Loan, Gain or Losses

Apr 4 to May 12

Travel, Education, or Spirituality

May 12 to June 22

Career, awards and social status 

June 22 to Aug 3

Social health or Friends

Aug 3 to Sep 19

Psychological Health or hidden agenda

Sep 19 to Nov 11

Self Outlook

Nov 11 to Dec 31

In past few years, you have been going through changes in love and social life. You would have seen some real ups and down. 2011 provides you some more opportunity to consolidate your people’s skill. First opportunity will emerge in love in first half and then in social life in second half of 2011.

On activity level, you may change the job, may buy a property, may get new social status and position in society, or may win a long pending legal battle.

On relationship level, Boss, father, VIP, flat owner, real estate agent, employer, partner, are lawyer, are important this year.

Let’s go deeper in technical terms to understand the year better.

Eclipses will change their axis to your home and career. Eclipses bring unplanned changes. Gemini rules talking, listening, writing, emailing and all forms of communication become primary themes around the holidays. Three eclipses are due in this sign. 2011 is a great year to value comfort and information

More Details
  • Quarter Wise flow as 2011 proceeds
  • In first quarter, life will move fast for all signs. Last three quarters are not so hectic. June and December are two exceptions.

    Q-1 : Career will get culmination. You will enter in 2011 with new social status. Love and creativity will get kick off near January 4. This is very intense quarter of 2011. Luck is helping you from partner’s income. Elder child may boost your image.

    Q-2 : June is highly active month in 2011. Three eclipses are happening in June. Two solar eclipses and one lunar eclipse will put it on hyperactive mood. Overall career and home re-engineering is central theme for Virgo. Explore meaning of change for you in this quarter. Luck is helping you from partner’s income.

    Q-3: It starts will social initiative. Actions are in career, self outlook, and social health. Luck is helping you from travel and education.

    Q-4: This is completely about domestic affairs and career. Set bigger targets for self evaluation. Ne improved home and new career may help you to build new brand. Luck is helping you from travel and education.

    Communication trouble - Virgo


    Partner's income

    Mar-30 to Apr-23

    Psychological health and outlook

    Aug-2 to Aug-26

    Domestic health

    Nov-23 to Dec-13

  • Date of Birth based specific Impacts:
  • Virgo born within August 23 to September 5 will see more initiation points, while Virgo born within September 9 to September 22 will see more culminations.

    9-22 : 2011 is a year of culmination. Universe will deliver result of your hard work. People born near 22 will get the result first and for people born near 9 in later part of year. Culminations are more emotional in nature. Main culminations are in domestic matters and career. You may change home or see new level of social reputations.

    1-5 & 23 to 30 : 2011 is year of initiation; you will drive the changes.. New job, new home, or new career is expected this year. Initiations are very rational in nature. New home, awards, and improved power are core area in 2011.

    17-22: Imagination, creativity, and dreams are supporting you in marriage and business.

    24 to 29 : You have power of transformation with you. You may feel it in love , child, and creativity. This entire year is about changes. If you have any pregnancy issue, this year will force you to sort it out. Jan – Feb may be tough, but last half of the year is extremely supportive.

    17- 25 : Expect support from power of Uranus, unexpected turns. It’s very creative and it provides out of box solutions.

    1 to 19 : This year brings you some lessons in material safety. Plan your income source well in advance and gains should be protected. People born within 4 to 8 are more susceptible. You may learn some hard lessons in financial gains.

    4 to 23 : Expect intense hunger in domestic matters in 2011. You will focus intensely to build new home.

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