Virgo 2012 Horoscope
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Spirituality and education increase horizon and depth of intellectual world. First half of 2012 is well planned for it. Education opens our mind to new world. Higher level of thinking can be enhanced through travel, higher education, lawyer or spiritual wisdom. Virgo loves detailing. New Year will bring an awesome opportunity to organize spiritual and physical work place.

On global level, 2012 will bring need for planned work in focus. Right resource should be used for right jobs.† Optimization may come back in picture.

First half is very active time for Virgo. You will drive the zodiac. Action on travel and spirituality front will get rewarded. If you are a student, expect positive result in first half of 2012. If you are competing with other signs, Virgo has advantages. Education is best way to reach and expand financial world. Do some research to crack your current problems? Pluto is in creative area. You will have great support from creative ideas and fun.

Action Time – Virgo Date
Self outlook and energy  Nov 11 to Jul 03
Earned income and self worth Jul 03 to Aug 23
Sibling, communication, and contracts Aug 23 to Oct 07
Property, Domestic matters and mother Oct 07 to Nov 17
Love, Creativity , and fun Nov 17 to Dec 26
Work and Health Dec 26 to Feb 1
Communication trouble – Virgo Date
Marriage, Relations & partner’s income  Mar-12 to Apr-4
Psychological health, hidden friends, and enemies July-14 to Aug-08
Home, Domestic affairs  and Sibling, contract Nov-6 to Nov-26

After second half, you will get same kind of support in career matters. Social status will rise dramatically. Current wind of changes in career and home front will get mild after second half of 2012. If career and home front are not doing well now, expect them to do better after 2012. It is phase of realization. 2012 may also test your working stamina and skills.

Meantime, home and career will keep puzzling you. You may work for higher level people but it may not yield much in monetary terms. More discussion on home and career front is given in eclipse section.

On financial side, New Year doesnít have much hope. It may be combination of low earnings hike as well as unexpected loan environment. Expenses will be very high especially in June and September. Major investment point may be your elder child. Love, fun, and creativity may be another dimension of investment. Pay your taxes on time. Tax people may come unexpectedly at your home. Partnerís income, assets and liability may give you some shocks. It may increase or decrease in big lots. Earned income restrictions will go after October 2012. After that only, you should think of hike in pay.


  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Domestic matters and career are getting short term changes. These are two extreme ends which you have to manage simultaneously. Eclipses are happening in Gemini- Sagittarius axis. It brings in the themes of communication, education, higher thought, and intelligence. Any weakness at home and career may hurt you, or, any strength may be rewarded. Lunar eclipses are known for culmination.

    Date Sign -DOB Signature Aspects
    Lunar Eclipse
    December 10,2011 Gemini (10) In social status  tough aspect from love & creativity Quincunx Venus in Capricorn
    Jun-4 Sagittarius (4) In domestic matters tough aspect from self-outlook Opposite Venus in Gemini and Square Mars in Virgo
    November,28, 2012 Gemini (28) In social status  from tough aspect from love and contract  and support from unexpected turns Quincunx Pluto and Mars in Capricorn, Square Chiron in Pisces, Quincunx Saturn and Venus in Scorpio, Supportive to Uranus in Aries
    Solar Eclipse
    May-20 Gemini (21) In social status tough aspect from marriage or business partner Square Neptune in Pisces
    Nov-13 Scorpio (14) In sibling and contract chart  

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