Virgo 2013 Horoscope
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Boost for career: Virgo is hard working sign who believes in detailing. Being an earth sign, practicality and maturity are additional supportive attributes. New year brings balance with optimism. Jupiter, lord of luck, is moving in career chart and will pass to social chart after June 2013. Both career and social interface need people related skill. You may gain from influential skill. Connecting with new faces may help. Hard word and effort shown in recent past may create path to influential people.

Transformation of daily routine activities or sibling : Letís discuss another hectic point in 2013. Sibling, communication and short distance travel are highly active. Daily routine may be little tight. You should make monthly plan to review time spend and outcome. Productivity is very important. Just think how can use travel time with your new gadget. Time optimization is always important but more so in 2013.

Two consistent eclipses in same house and Saturnís presence make this area prominent for Virgo in 2013. First eclipse is on 24th April (lunar) and second is on 3rd November (solar). First one will bring culmination and second one is about initiation. Sibling or neighbour may get maximum focus. You would work persistently to bring changes in close relatives. Their life may get some changes. Long pending issues may need direct faceoff. If you have shifted to new place recently, managing neighbours may be tricky. Alternatively, Saturn in third house also makes study of young Virgo kidís study little tougher. Sometimes basic education suffers due to unplanned circumstances.

First eclipse of April 25th is slightly depressive eclipse. Hectic activity schedule is possible Education may need attention on detail and planning. Marriage or business partner may help.

Second eclipse in creative will be an initiation (solar eclipse) on November 3. It is highly aspected new moon and may force to initiate different daily routine. Success canít go by same thought or ideas which have failed in past. New ideas or commitment should be aligned to productive life style. Spending time on unproductive tasks may take you in wrong direction. Some Virgo may remain busy in 2013. First half will deliver in terms of results. However, second half is more about building foundation.

Best week Ė July 17 - It is an amazing week. Marriage, friends and holiday are in sync. Do plan a break and take rest.

25 to 3 are most active birthdate range: Node (hunger at daily plan), Pluto (passion in love), Neptune (vision in marriage), Uranus (surprises in partnerís income), Saturn (security at sibling), and eclipses (concrete changes) are touching this range more. Intensity of changes may be high than any other birthdates.

Child or love needs investment: Meanwhile, Uranus ĖPluto close square is happening in love and partnerís income chart. This is long term aspect and it may create friction within love, child, pregnancy, loan, property, or partnerís income. Unexpected expenses may keep you on financial toes. Legal or property tussle is also possible now. If you are under excessive loan, you may compromise on education, car, or gadgets. Child education may get costly. Donít financially overstretch yourself until 2015. A property dispute may come up and that may create a legal tussle.

I have discussed various possibilities for Virgo based on age and circumstances. This house will be more intense near 20th May and 1st November. Lunar eclipse of October 18 in eighth house will bring above mentioned issues at culmination point. Seems last quarter of the year is extremely active. You have enough time to prepare self for any major issue. Best way is keep some financial and emotional buffer.

Lunar eclipse of October 18 has tough square with Jupiter means social health. Excessive social interaction may conflict with childís future planning. Love may not get approval form social links.

May to November is active time range: All five eclipses are happening during this time range along with Uranus and Pluto squares. Mars will kick off activities in October when it will be in Virgo.

Meanwhile, solar eclipse of May 9 will bring focus on travel chart. This is milestone time for spiritual oriented Virgo. Meeting right teacher and spending time on study will be crucial for you. In-laws may become important in middle of 2013. Solar eclipse kick off a big initiative which keep you occupied for next six month. Plan for foreign tour or holiday trip , if overdue.

Real estate gets culmination on May 25: On May 25, we have lunar eclipse in domestic chart. This eclipse may bring you an opportunity to close a real estate deal. Addition or deletion of assets is possible. You would work on living conditions improvement. This is big opportunity to rationalise long terms financial planning.

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