LEO (July 23 to August 22) :: February 2016 Horoscope

February is better month in this quarter. Mercury is full flow now. Communication will be clear.

Money matters will be key. With Jupiter (Luck), North node (Hunger), and full moon (Culmination) in second house of earned income. Money flow will be high. It may inflow or outflow. You may plan a big financial decision near February 22. I am suggesting this date as full moon is happening in Virgo. Money matters will reach at culmination point. Invest smartly in long term.

A major breakthrough is possible in earning. Learn more about finances. Some Leo may be facing financial crisis. You may give away your hard earned income to save self worth.

Mars is moving in domestic front. Home welfare will be key. Investment point may be mother or home. If you are coming near to home in work front, you would be lucky. This is possible in February. Distance too is another possibility.

New moon of 8th Feb in Aquarius is in partnership chart. Marriage will be key. If single, a marriage opportunity will emerge. If marriage, try to spend time with your partner. New moon is about hearing status of marriage and partnership. Weak spot may come out in open. It is very closely aspected new moon, expect intense pressure between Feb 8 and Feb 22.

If you were born near August 8, this new moon is closer.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn has been moving to Sagittarius starting September 17, 2015. Saturn will move to romantic side. Maturity in love will be rewarded in next 2.5 years. Elder child would come in focus. You may try to bring some discipline in his life. There is another fun in moral based love. That you will realize in next 2-3 years.

Meantime, Uranus is in ninth house of travel and spirituality. Long distance travels may give you an edge. Education may give you a different insight about life.

Neptune is moving in eighth house of bank and loan. Partnerís income may be an illusion. It may be changing at dramatic pace. You may little unsure about its direction.

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