Market quarterly- Jan-March,2018

With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, bad debt will come out like anything. Just like Jupiter is exposing sexual encounters #Metoo . Bankers in India should own responsibility. Money should be used with care. Punjab national bank is one example. There will be many more in next few months.

Surprising thing is nifty is still near all time high. Jupiter -Pluto sextile is big moment. To big planets are supporting world economy. World markets are pausing. With Saturn in Capricorn and the FED being a Capricorn institution, the prospect of furthering tightening is apt to continue for a while, maybe for close to two more years.

Bitcoin offered an interesting study last week, as its rally from 5911 on February 6 (one trading day before our last critical reversal date of February 7) stopped at a high of 11,785 on February 21. That was nearly a 100% gain in just two weeks. By Friday, February 23, it was already back down to 9590.

The uncertainty and directionless nature of Neptune and Pisces influencing markets last week will start to give way to the more robust dynamic of Jupiter and its exaggerative qualities between March 1 and March 13.

Crude oil has been doing quite well since its double bottom low of February 9 and 14 at 58.07 and 58.20/barrel. By Friday, February 23, crude oil was already up as high as 63.73, nearly a 10% gain in less than 10 days.

The Jupiter-heavy period begins with a trine from Venus on March 1.On March 4, the Neptune phase will wind down with the conjunction between the Sun and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter turns retrograde on March 8, which strongly highlights the optimism and exaggeration.

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Disclaimer: This all study is to understand astrology better. Don稚 take investment decision based on that.

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