Market quarterly- October -December,2017

Markets across the world is bleeding. Pluto is moving ahead now. Jupiter -Uranus are in opposition. Big unexpected is war like situation between North korea and USA. An announcement on who will lead the Federal Reserve in 2018 and beyond could come in the next few weeks. It is no surprise for people studying astrology.

India’s Nifty index also recorded its all-time high on September 19, the prior week, but declined into last week’s Jupiter/Uranus opposition. China raced to its highest level since January 2016 three times between September 6 and 12, but that was 2-3 weeks ago. And Australia made a double bottom on September 21 and 26 at the very critical 5700-5710 support level, with little sign of relief ahead.

In other markets, Gold and Silver dropped to new monthly lows, their lowest levels since the eclipse period of August 7-21, and well below their multi-month highs of September 8, just three weeks ago. T-Notes and currencies also fell rather hard into the Jupiter/Uranus opposition last week, while Crude oil soared to its highest price since April 17 when Venus ended its retrograde motion.

The US economy expanded an annualized 3.1 percent on quarter in the second quarter of 2017, above a second estimate of 3 percent and beating market expectations of 3 percent. It is the strongest growth rate since the first three months of 2015.

Venus and Mars are coming together on October 5, while the Sun is in the relationship sign of Libra. In the four days before that, both planets will make a trine to Pluto, which is even more sexy. Venus and Mars – move from a trine to Pluto to a square with Saturn, October 8-11. Wait till October 11 for any big move.

Jupiter will move to Scorpio on october 10. Sagittarius will also move fore sign December 2017. It is big loss of fire and air sign. They were supporting many markets. Markets may see cool down as both are cautious signs.

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Disclaimer: This all study is to understand astrology better. Don稚 take investment decision based on that.

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