ARIES (Mar 21 to April 19):: November 2016 Horoscope

Mars in moving in career. Social status will get impact. This benefit is there till November 9. After that you spend time with friends and social circles.

Month will start with new moon in Scorpio. Unexpected events may keep you busy. You may start new project. This new moon has positive angle with Neptune (dream and vision). You will have clarity about property or legal matters.

If you were born near April 1, you can start a big investment. Risk taking is allowed.

On November 10, expect tough time in travel, in-laws and career matters. Long pending issue would desire a resolution.

On November 14, Full moon is happening in financial house. Uranus is tough on it. Unexpected expenses may come. Business matters may come to your review. Jupiter is tough with Pluto on November 24. So middle of november is about critics, marriage and career conflicts. Full moon of November 14 is related to it only. Donít allow financial matters to hurt relations.

Month will end with new moon in supportive Sagittarius. New moon of November 29 is in hazy mood. It is hard on Neptune. Your mind will may have confusion about future. You can plan a trip abroad. Just take care you have enough sleep. A new environment is supported as Mars in in social arena. Get clarity of destination and pack your beg. Alternatively, legal matter may get hazy. New moon can work differently for different Aries. If you were born near March 29, this new moon will impact more.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving to health house starting August 12. It is about marriage and relations. They get benefit. Build new relations. Partnership will help.

Saturn has been moving in Sagittarius. You may do well in foreign culture. Matters of spiritual thinking may do well. Saturn in ninth house is very supportive. Higher education and cultural changes will make an impact. Connect with a guru and you will feel blessed.

First house has Uranus who is master of technology and creative thinking. You are pushing yourself to extreme direction or may be investing in new technology.

Nodes of moon are in Virgo-Pisces. Hunger is about work and productivity.

Pluto is in tenth house of career. Social status is in extreme position. You may be trying too hard to retain or enhance social prestige. If you persistently put efforts, you are bound to reach new heights. Middle of November is risky in career matters. Be little cautious.

Neptune is supporting you in psychological house. You have amazing support in mental thoughts and hidden projects. Expect in November end.

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