ARIES (Mar 21 to April 19):: February 2020 Horoscope

Focus is huge on Mars. It is in Sagittarius now, making you to travel. Soon it will be in career and social status, from Feb 16 to March end. Career will be key to discuss many issues. Move career to new direction. For Aries, It is once in life time opportunity. Meet your boss and convince him to give new level. Show him the performance. You can meet any given target. He should give you rise to next level. It is also possible that career work may need you to spend time in office.

Full moon is coming up on February 9. This is in Leo sign. It is love and creativity. It will reach at culmination. Lets understand its nature. Neptune is tough from mental peace. Pluto is tough from career. Mars is supporting it from traveling or inlaws. So this full moon will keep your focus on career needs but you may need additional efforts. Meantime your love life may need your presence.

On February 16, Mercury will move in retrograde motion. It is possible that many thoughts may come up in your mind. It is time to revisit old ideas. Churning of ideas may create something new.

On February 23, New moon is coming up in Pisces. It is so well planned and designed for you. It is a potent time to relax in such a busy time. Spend time with loved one. Travelling may be good for money. It is good time to make money.

One best aspect of february is on February 20, Jupiter and Neptune are so well aligned. Career will be well supported by mental peace.

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