ARIES (Mar 21 to April 19):: March 2018 Horoscope

March starts with a full moon in Virgo. It is physical health. This full moon is opposing Neptune. Stay away from water, cold, cough, insects, and mosquitoes. Take care of health. Full moon is on March 1. Health is precious.

March is health month to you. Focus will on career. Stretch self to prove health. Hit a gym. Join yoga. If you feel down, keep tap on health. It is possible that this full moon may expose some health issues. Go for checkup.

Jupiter will go in retrograde on March 8 in Scorpio. Partnerís income may fluctuate.

On March 17, Mars will move to Capricorn. Mars feels better (exalts) in Capricorn. With Saturn and Pluto are in Capricorn, Mars will add more fire. Career will demand immediate attention. Career and social status will feel bigger pressure. Many Aries may change the way they see career. Push career to next level.

On March 17, New moon is due in Pisces. It is mental peace area. Middle of month will demand new journey in rest and peace. Jupiter is supporting this new moon and Uranus is also tentative. A sudden truth may change how you see your psychological health.

On March 31, Full moon is due in Libra, It is relationship chart. This is tough full moon. Mars (action), Mercury (Communication) and Saturn (restrictions) are tough on it. It is about relationships. Keep relationships in check. Marriage and career will go in different direction. Home will require an immediate attention. Keep this date reserve for pressure. If you were born near March 31, this full moon will be close to you.

Long Term Aspects

Jupiter has been moving to eighth house. It is about partner's income. Loan will be easy.

First house has Uranus who is master of technology and creative thinking. You are pushing yourself to extreme direction or may be investing in new technology.

Nodes of moon are in Leo-Aquarius. Hunger is about love and social life will be at its peak.

Pluto is in tenth house of career. Social status is in extreme position. You may be trying too hard to retain or enhance social prestige. If you persistently put efforts, you are bound to reach new heights.

Neptune is supporting you in psychological house. You have amazing support in mental thoughts and hidden projects.

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