CAPRICORN (Dec 22 -Jan 19) :: February 2016 Horoscope

Saturn is moving slowly in mental health and planning. Many things may go on in your mind. Some kind of restriction may come in your behaviour. Emotional constraint may be right word. If planning is good, execution will be better.

Mars is in eleventh house of friendship. This is best part of chart now. Meet many new friends. Add new faces in life. Friendship is true unconditional love. You are most stable friend of zodiac.

New moon of 8th Feb in Aquarius is in earned income chart. Earning may come under change. New source of earning may emerge. Cash flow may need rethinking. Keep some financial buffer. This is an aspected new moon. Same house also rules self-worth. You may add few more medals. People may feel you are more valuable or vice versa.

If you were born near January 8, this new moon is closer.

A full moon is happening on February 22. Jupiter (luck), North node (hunger) and full moon are in Virgo. This is supportive house. Teacher, In-laws or travel are keywords of this house. Choose your emotional guru. Spend time with him. Educational result may come out dramatically extreme. Or, In-laws may behave in extreme way. Something will reach at culmination point. This is supportive house , so think about long run.

If you were born near January 20, this full moon is about education and distant relatives.

Long Term Aspects

Pluto is in first house. Intense transformation is happening in your outlook. People are looking at you for inspiration. Pluto rules everything or zero, nothing in between.

Neptune is in third house of sibling. It is also house of skill development. Time management is essence now. Do use your time productively.

Saturn is in social life. Connect with friends.

Jupiter is moving in travel house. Travel and education. In-laws will be supportive. If you are in education, people will appreciate your growth. Next one year is too good for education, in-laws, and spiritual matters.

Uranus is driving your domestic scene. Domestic space may be little eccentric. It may not match up with your taste and social status. It may be little different. Adding gadgets and technology inputs may change its inner space.

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