LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):: December 2018 Horoscope

New moon of December 7 is in sibling matters or contract. It is tough and impulsive new moon. Mars and Neptune are opposing it. This is big full moon having conjunction with Jupiter (Luck in sibling, time management), aspect with Pluto (passion in domestic affair), and square with Neptune (hazy work or health) and Mars (impulsive work life). Time will be hectic. You may get involve at too many places. Unplanned or impulsive travel is possible. So it is time to keep some buffer in your time.

If you were born near October 7, this new moon will impact you more.

Mars is moving in job and health chart, so you may get busy in work. It is time to have better prospective about health. Run harder to get self-fit. Join some marathon. Health is valuable.

Full moon of the month is on December 22. This is nice full moon. It has good support from Uranus. It is on cusp so will impact Libra differently based on birth date. If you were born near September 22, this will be in career house. Social status will touch new height.

If you were born near October 22, this will be in travel house. Go out and have some planned travel. A sweet holiday can be planned. Go out with friends.

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Long Term Aspects

Pluto and Saturn are in fourth house of domestic stability. Domestic issues may need resolution. Pluto rules death and transformation. Before any stability, instability increases.

Uranus is in seventh house of partnership (till May 2018). Marriage issues may take eccentric turn. A partnership may surprise you.

Neptune is in sixth house of work. Job stability may seems giving conflicting signal. Do take care of your health. Some water related disease may catch up. Take precaution.

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