LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):: October 2018 Horoscope

New moon is in Libra on October 9. It is about outlook and perception. It is tough with Pluto (power, change at home)) and Neptune (vision in health). People will question your intentions. Deep changes may come in view of hazy future. With Venus in retrograde, you may feel energy less.

If you were born near October 9, this new moon will impact you. This is powerful new moon as from Uranus (Taurus) to New moon (Libra), there is no other planet. Emotional energies will be felt intensely.

Venus will go retrograde from October 5 to November 15 (40 Days). Expect some disturbance in fun, love, luxury, sleep, and food. Try to use some relaxation technique like meditation. Some key dates will be on October 5, 10, 24, and Oct 31. For Libra, it is happening in earned income, and own outlook.

Mars is moving in Aquarius. It is romantic life. Love may get new direction. It is good to spend time with child or love.

Saturn and Pluto are moving in Capricorn. It is sign of domestic affair. Living security will be felt intensely. Pluto will go direct on October 1. Ensure you have safe house free from power struggle.

Full moon is in Taurus on October 24. It is tough full moon with Venus (Fun, food, sleep) and Uranus (Erratic news). Loan, sex, and partnerís income will feel new start. Saturn is supporting this full moon. Unexpected financial or emotional struggle will have a culmination. Closure of a long pending issue will have an emotional release.

If you were born near September 24, this full moon is closer to you.

Long Term Aspects

Pluto and Saturn are in fourth house of domestic stability. Domestic issues may need resolution. Pluto rules death and transformation. Before any stability, instability increases.

Uranus is in seventh house of partnership (till May 2018). Marriage issues may take eccentric turn. A partnership may surprise you.

Neptune is in sixth house of work. Job stability may seems giving conflicting signal. Do take care of your health. Some water related disease may catch up. Take precaution.

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