LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):: February 2019 Horoscope

New moon is coming our way on February 4. This is positive new moon in Aquarius for love and creativity. If you were born near October 4, this new moon is to understand romantic needs. Love may surprise you in big way. IN month of valentine, this is perfect gift.

Mars is moving in marriage and partnership house now. It is time to re-evaluate your marriage life. Problems will get highlighted now. Critics may question your credibility.

Full moon is happening at 0 degree Virgo on February 19. Mars and Uranus are supporting it. It will work in different way for different Libra. For Libra borned near September 22, this is more about taking rest and peace. Good time to join meditation and gain peace. Reduce speed of your thoughts. For Libra borned near October 22, this is more about social life. Friends would be supportive. It will be time to join parties, marriages, and social connects.

February is light hearted month for all. Mars will enter in partner’s income or loan on February 14. Next Movement is Uranus on March 6. So both power energies are coming in your financial matters chart. It will be time to review assets and liabilities. Don’t keep liabilities unattended. You may be tempted to invest in risky assets or sex. In March , Mercury will be retrograde. So try to finish your important actions in February.

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