LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):: August 2019 Horoscope

Libra had volatile time as eclipse were in top and bottom of the chart. July eclipse is out of view now. You can now feel better as Venus is out of Saturn , Pluto opposition. Hope now things will better. Leo season is here. So focus will be on social life. You may join many social events. Go out and show the world , you exists.

New moon of August 1 is a little edgy. This new moon is tough with Uranus (In partner’s income or loss). New moon is in social house.A friend may ask for money. Or a friend may behave badly. A friend may backstab you. It is possible. Good enemy is better than a false friend. You should know the colour of friendship.

If you were born near October 1, this new moon is close.

On July 31, Mercury will be direct. So August is fast moving month in comparison to July.

On August 11, Jupiter (in sibling and travel) will be direct. On August 11, Uranus (in partner’s income) will turn retrograde. Direction change is not easy. Energy comes to stand still. It may be possible that you review time management and asset management. Use your time wisely and don't waste this precious effort.

Full moon of August 15 is Aquarius. It is movement of energy in love and child chart. Romantic matters will support you in a big way. It is time to reap the efforts of your hard earned love. Libra is best lovers in zodiac. This full moon will bring efforts to culmination.

If you were born near October 15, this full moon is close.

This month has another new moon on August 30. It is amazing new moon. Uranus is so happy with it. Mars and Venus are also there. So it is luck booster. A big news may come from hidden friend side. It is time to initiate something big. Peace will be key. You will feel freedom. Freedom to live peace. An confidential project will bring result.

If you were born near September 30, this new moon is close.

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