LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):: June 2018 Horoscope

Libra , key house of home is full with activity. Take care of domestic equations and insecurities. With Saturn and Pluto in this house, full moon of June 28 is tough there. So ensure security there. This is tough full moon as Saturn (insecurity) is in conjunction. Mars and true node are also angry on it. So keep buffer to manage this full moon.

If you were born near September 28, donít take any big decision about real estate.

Mars is running in Aquarius. It is your creative and romantic life. On June 26, Mars will go in retrograde. So some reversal is possible in love and creativity. Take care of your child. Listen your heart. Some one may propose you. There are many possibilities near that day.

June is a travel month. Pack your bag and go out on exploration. In-laws may be demanding. Spiritual world will be key of the growth. Develop skill. Meet new faces and build stamina for long term intellectual development. Full moon of May 29 and New moon of June 13 are in third and ninth house.

Teacher and guru may give you direction . A legal matter will be going on in your mind. There are so many possibilities, donít bother, these moons are mild kind. Let them pass.

Long Term Aspects

Pluto and Saturn are in fourth house of domestic stability. Domestic issues may need resolution. Pluto rules death and transformation. Before any stability, instability increases.

Uranus is in seventh house of partnership (till May 2018). Marriage issues may take eccentric turn. A partnership may surprise you.

Neptune is in sixth house of work. Job stability may seems giving conflicting signal. Do take care of your health. Some water related disease may catch up. Take precaution.

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