LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22):: August 2018 Horoscope

Eclipse season is still here. We all are feeling it in some way. Consciousness is stretched in sense of urgency, anxiety and uncertainty. Mercury is in retrograde. Communication wonít be clear now. So the impulsive actions. Mars will go direct on August 27. Mercury will go direct on August 26. Stay away from rumours and anger. Verify facts.

Eclipse of August 11 is in Leo sign. It is tough. Pluto (Transformation), Neptune (water), Mercury (communication), and Jupiter (luck) are tough with this solar eclipse. It is about social arena. A friend may need help. Social interaction or commitment may demand time or money. Meet more people and new faces. A new opportunity may emerge. Donít hide. This eclipse want you to come up and show to the world a new hope.

If you were born near October 11, this eclipse will give insight.

Full moon is due on August 26. It is lovely full moon in Pisces. Saturn-Uranus are supporting it well. It is great time to gain big from job and health. Work life may get better. You may get additional responsibility. Grow big. Meet with new co-workers and boss. Ask for rise.

If you were born near September 26, this full moon is good one and healing coming your way.

Long Term Aspects

Pluto and Saturn are in fourth house of domestic stability. Domestic issues may need resolution. Pluto rules death and transformation. Before any stability, instability increases.

Uranus is in seventh house of partnership (till May 2018). Marriage issues may take eccentric turn. A partnership may surprise you.

Neptune is in sixth house of work. Job stability may seems giving conflicting signal. Do take care of your health. Some water related disease may catch up. Take precaution.

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