LIBRA (Sep 23-Oct 22)::June 2020 Horoscope

World has changed. Virus is deadly and more that it is fear that is ruling our decisions now. Libra can take balance views. Too much focus is there in domestic house. Take care of mother health. Home safety and foundation is important. June 30 is a lovely day in it. Spend time with mother.

Mercury will go in retrograde on June 18 and Neptune on June 23. Mercury will go retrograde on June 18 to July 12. Know your plans well. Review them well. Neptune will go retrograde from June 22 (20 Deg Pisces) to November 28 (18 Deg Pisces). It is time to cut off the illusion from the past.Know your work and health life. It is important. Notice weakness in it.

Lunar eclipse of June 5 is in sibling and contract matters. Drive carefully. Emotions and impulsiveness would be high. So keep nerve in control. Weak link may want to go away. If you were born near October 5, this lunar eclipse will be direct to you. Know your time. Value it. Know if it is slipping away in unwanted things.

Solar eclipse of June 21 is new beginning. It will act differently for people born near September 20 and October 20 .If you were born near September 20, career matters may come out. Social status will need new beginning.. It will be a forced beginning. May be old career needs dont surve current purpose. If you were born near October 20, travel or in laws may be demanding now. It is time to initiate new education degree. It is time to intiate new legal matter. It is a forced decision.

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