PISCES :: October 2015 Horoscope

Pisces is emotional sign. With Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in seventh house, marriage and relations would be key happiness points. Pisces is lucky now in building strong bonds. If single, try to finalise your marriage now. If married, do anything which can rebuild your relation in long run. This kind of support may not come again.

New moon is happening on October 13 in balance Libra.A property or legal issue may shock you. Chiron (past pain) and Pluto (intense drama) are adding fuel to this new moon. Uranus is opposing it from earned income. Financial outflow may stress you. You may invest heavily to solve past issue.

If you were born near February 13, this new moon will bring a new plan. Think about future than past.

Full moon is happening on October 27 in Taurus. Short break may help you. Time utilization will be key. Either you will be too busy. Or, you may need a short break.

This full moon will highlight stress.

If you were born near February 27, this full moon will be closer.

Long Term Aspects

Neptune is in first house. You may be sometimes feeling lost in self-goals. Vision should be broken down in goals and activities. Activities level execution is most difficult part in day-to-day operation. Poor planning may end in poor execution.

Jupiter is in sixth house of work and health. Job security will come naturally to you in next one year. Any job change will come with support from higher ups. Do take care of health. Excess fat would come easily now.

Uranus is in second house of earning. You may get your earnings from unrelated areas. Frequent change in earning source is possible. Pluto is driving passionately your social life. New friends may help in gaining footfall in new creative fields.

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