AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) ::March 2016 Horoscope

March is very active month. March has two eclipses. Both are intense and productive. Solar eclipse of March 8 is in Pisces. This is earned income house. Expenses may suddenly increase. You may find a new job. Earning income may be higher. Stay away from unwanted expenses. Jupiter (luck in partnerís income and Saturn (insecurity in social house and friends) are opposing this new moon. It is very emotional, fuzzy and confused solar eclipse. Sun (ego), Moon (emotion), Mercury (communication), Neptune (fuzziness) and Chiron (healing from past issues) are in emotional water of Pisces. Do take care high expenses. A friend or social links may ask for expenses.

If you were born near February 8, this new moon is direct to you.

Lunar eclipse is happening in early degree of Libra on March 23. Mercury (Communication) is opposing it. Mars is supportive from outlook now. This is travel, education or guru house for you. Go away from regular comfort zone. It is ideal time to go to foreign land. Join a foreign university. Exam result may come in your favour.

If you were born near January 23, this lunar eclipse is close to you.

Social links and friends will be focus. With Mars and Jupiter in eleventh house, you may be supporting many people. Marriage, birthday, or parties may come your way. Social expense may increase near March 23.

Long Term Aspects

Career is important. You may feel pressure to act now. Influential people may be very demanding. Social status and prestige go hand in hand. Restrictive actions will yield result. Impulsive actions will come easily to you in August. Mars is in tenth house. Some Aquarius may not be comfortable the way their career is going. Saturn is putting discipline burden on you. Aquarius loves independence. So it is time to act.Startign December 23, this pressure from career will reduce. You will interact more in social arena.

Jupiter is well placed in partnership house. Many Aquarius may be engaged. Next one year is right time to do so. If married, expect next one year as positive time range. It may mean less fight and more love. Jupiter is a blessing for bigger brighter future.

Uranus is in gadget and sibling chart. These two things may play an important role. Frequent travel may be taking up your time. Gadget may help you to be productive. Spending time with Sibling may help.

Neptune is in second house. Earning income is an illusion. You may push hard to gain it or save it. Vision is very necessary for any field in life. You need to sit and plan what exactly you want in financial terms.

Pluto is in twelfth house. You may be bounded by some contract, commitment, or emotional boundaries. Working behind the scene may help. Do plan for better execution. With Pluto, you can help others in guidance.

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