AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) :: September 2018 Horoscope

New moon is happening in Virgo on September 9. This new moon is in partnerís income or loan. It is time to evaluate new way to take risk. Jupiter (luck in social status) and Pluto (passion in mental peace) are protecting you in big way. Higher education is protected in big way. You may do well in financial or emotional issues. You may heard that a big loan has been passed. Or, taxman would be kind enough to resolve pending issue. If you want to consolidate assets or loans, it is right time to do so.

If you were born near February 9, this new moon is way to use assets well. Only bad aspect is Neptune. Earned income situation is foggy. You may sense to have stable earning.

On September 12, Jupiter will send great vibes to Pluto. It is time to boast career and mental peace. Mars will be in Aquarius. So it is good time to coherent attack. Mars is giving you much needed aggression.

September is big month. Mars is direct now. All planets are direct till Jupiter. After that still in retrograde. Last 2-3 months were hectic and stressed for some of us. On September 6, Saturn will be direct. And on September 30, Pluto will be direct. Both are in Capricorn, So it will help in developing mental peace. You need it most now.

On September 24, we have a tough full moon in Aries. It is tough with Mercury (Communication), Saturn and Pluto (Insecurity and transformation in mental thoughts). Chiron (healing) is in conjunction. And Mars is supporting it. So in summary it is productive full moon with lots of emotions. Sibling and contract will be volatile. Time management will be haywire. You need sustain effort to improve productivity.

If you were born near January 24, this full moon is tricky.

Long Term Aspects

Uranus is in gadget and sibling chart. These two things may play an important role. Frequent travel may be taking up your time. Gadget may help you to be productive. Spending time with Sibling may help.

Neptune is in second house. Earning income is an illusion. You may push hard to gain it or save it. Vision is very necessary for any field in life. You need to sit and plan what exactly you want in financial terms.

Pluto and Saturn are in twelfth house. You may be bounded by some contract, commitment, or emotional boundaries. Working behind the scene may help. Do plan for better execution. With Pluto, you can help others in guidance.

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