AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18) ::December 2017 Horoscope

Aquarius sign is going through changes. Eclipses drives change. Every six month a wave of change hits you. December is time to realign. Mars is moving in supportive Libra. It is time to explore world from fresh prospective. Travel and in-laws may have huge focus.

After December 9, focus will change to career. Boss will be supportive. You may plan to change career or may get additional shine in social status. Aquarius are brilliant and tech savy. You will get support from universe. Explore new career opportunities. Next one year is too good.

Meantime, Mercury will go retrograde on December 2 to December 22. Information flow will be obstructed. Delays are possible. Communication will be hazy. Delays big decisions, if possible. So conflicting signals. Mars says act. Mercury says verify facts. Travel may have delays.

On December 3, we have full moon in Gemini. Neptune is tough with this moon. Love life may get a test. There may be two options. Child may centre of decision. Or, lover may put too option of fun, love , or travel. Pressure may come on earned income. Money may be main reason of your restriction. This full moon will highlight financial stress in love. You may want to go out to live life.

If you were born near February 3, this full moon will be close to you.

New moon of this month is in social house on December 18. Sagittarius sign is full that time with Saturn (restrictions), Sun (Drive), Moon (emotions), Mercury (communication), and Venus (fun). Friends will be key. You may be around new faces. Make new friends. Live life with hope. There is no best thing in life other than friends. A total unconditional hope. Free yourself.

If you were born near February 18, this new moon will be close to you.

Many planets are coming your way. In last ten days of December, three planets will move into Capricorn. On December 19, Saturn will move. On December 21, Sun will move, and on December 25, Venus in move. It will be big time for Aquarius to get slow down and plan the future. Many things may go on in your mind , execute your hidden project well.

Long Term Aspects

Uranus is in gadget and sibling chart. These two things may play an important role. Frequent travel may be taking up your time. Gadget may help you to be productive. Spending time with Sibling may help.

Neptune is in second house. Earning income is an illusion. You may push hard to gain it or save it. Vision is very necessary for any field in life. You need to sit and plan what exactly you want in financial terms.

Pluto is in twelfth house. You may be bounded by some contract, commitment, or emotional boundaries. Working behind the scene may help. Do plan for better execution. With Pluto, you can help others in guidance.

Saturn is in eleventh house of friends and social links. Enjoy old and experinces friends.

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