CAPRICORN (Dec 22 -Jan 19) :: July 2018 Horoscope

Capricorn is hosting tow big planets Ė Pluto and Saturn. Both wants long term slow transformation in your life. So accept it as universe decision. Jupiter, which is moving in Scorpio, will go direct on July 11. It will help you in gaining control on social control on friends and society. They are wild now. Mars is going to be in retrograde from June 26th until August 27th. So whole July, keep pressure and anger in check from earning and self worth issues.

First eclipse of July is on July 13 in Cancer sign. This is solar eclipse and it represents a beginning. This eclipse is opposite to Pluto (passion, death, or sex). This eclipse will bring initiation to marriage and relationships. A partnership issue may go in up and down. Any possessive love may backfire. It may be difficult for you to handle hate of a female. Donít overburden self because of psychological mess of others.

If you were born near January 13, this eclipse is challenging. DO take help of mediation.

Lunar eclipse of July 27 is touching Mars-Uranus square. It is in earnings matters. It will be culmination of issues related to your hard earned income. It may not be easy for you to get stress from financial side. Love life may shock you. Childís education may need additional investment from you. Or, lover may say something negative about you.

If you were born near December 27, this lunar eclipse may bring some shocking insight.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn and Pluto is in first house. Intense transformation is happening in your outlook. People are looking at you for inspiration. Pluto rules everything or zero, nothing in between.

Neptune is in third house of sibling. It is also house of skill development. Time management is essence now. Do use your time productively.

Jupiter is moving in career and social status. Rebuild your career from new state.

Uranus is driving your domestic scene. Domestic space may be little eccentric. It may not match up with your taste and social status. It may be little different. Adding gadgets and technology inputs may change its inner space.

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