CAPRICORN (Dec 22 -Jan 19) :: January 2019 Horoscope

January is very productive month. Mars and Uranus are in domestic chart. Review what your mother wants. Home or family need time from you. You may buy new home. Explore new property.

Capricorn have powerful solar eclipse in outlook area. January 5 eclipse has Saturn in conjunction. New moon brings new initiative. See how your outlook, confidence, fear goes. It is time that you need additional confidence to correct confidence. If you were born near January 5, this solar eclipse will kick-start new journey of productive next six months. It is restart button of cosmic waves. Listen in which direction your life is going. If it is going up, push further, if it is going slow, retard and slow back. Don’t try much. Ignore the pain. Map your fears or habits.

Both Jupiter and Neptune are squaring in sky. For Capricorn, it is in sibling chart. You may spend energy or freedom to fix sibling or time issues near January 13. There may be too much pressure to remain productive alignment to socially defined goals will be high.

Lunar eclipse of January 21 is in 0 deg Leo. This eclipse has shocking element of Uranus. Some truth may come out which may not be that pleasant about sex, assets or liabilities. It is on cusp so it will have different effect on different Capricorn. Like, if you were born near December 20, this eclipse will check sex, money, loan or love life. You may get insight to love. It is possible your partner may be cheating on you. Double check. Or, child may bring bad result.

If you were born near January 20, this eclipse is about marriage , home , or career needs. Life may pull you in different directions. Do you need this kind of partnership? Ask yourself. It is not easy to have eclipse in core part. Just choose your reaction to new truth.

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