CAPRICORN (Dec 22 -Jan 19) :: September 2018 Horoscope

September is big month. Mars is direct now. All planets are direct till Jupiter. After that still in retrograde. Last 2-3 months were hectic and stressed for some of us. On September 6, Saturn will be direct. And on September 30, Pluto will be direct. Both are in Capricorn, so it will help in developing a sense of movement in stuck matters for this sign. Life will have more coherence in movement.

New moon is happening in Virgo on September 9. This new moon is in travel and education. It is time to evaluate new avenue. Jupiter (luck in social links) and Pluto (passion in growth) are protecting you in big way. Higher education is protected in big way. You may do well in educational issues.

If you were born near January 9, this new moon is way to use learning well.. Only bad aspect is Neptune. Sibling is foggy. It is there or not. Time is running out. Have better productive direction.

On September 12, Jupiter will send great vibes to Pluto. It is time to boast friendship and social connect. Mars will be in Aquarius. Try your luck in resolving any friendship issue. Help a friend out of mess, if you can.

On September 24, we have a tough full moon in Aries. It is tough with Mercury (Communication), Saturn and Pluto (Insecurity and transformation in outlook). Chiron (healing) is in conjunction. And Mars is supporting it. So in summary it is productive full moon with lots of emotions. Domestic situation will be tough and demanding. Take care of motherís health. Secure your home.

If you were born near December 24, this full moon is tricky.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn and Pluto is in first house. Intense transformation is happening in your outlook. People are looking at you for inspiration. Pluto rules everything or zero, nothing in between.

Neptune is in third house of sibling. It is also house of skill development. Time management is essence now. Do use your time productively.

Jupiter is moving in career and social status. Rebuild your career from new state.

Uranus is driving your domestic scene. Domestic space may be little eccentric. It may not match up with your taste and social status. It may be little different. Adding gadgets and technology inputs may change its inner space.

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