LEO (July 23 to August 22) :: September 2018 Horoscope

Mars is direct now. All planets are direct till Jupiter. After that still in retrograde. Last 2-3 months were hectic and stressed for some of us. On September 6, Saturn will be direct. And on September 30, Pluto will be direct. So stuck matters will move ahead. That will make things move on job and health front. Some Leo might be struggling to move in these fronts.

New moon is happening in Virgo on September 9. This new moon is in earned income house. It is time to re-imagine. Jupiter (luck in home and parent) and Pluto (passion in job and health) are protecting you in big way. This is the best time to come out of messy job, if it is paining you. Cosmic window is there to help you to heal the pain.

If you were born near August 9, this new moon is way to use time well. Only bad aspect is Neptune. Vision may not be clear now. Loan or bank commitment may hold you.

On September 12, Jupiter will send great vibes to Pluto. It is time to boast home and work. Mars will be in Aquarius. That means marriage partner or business idea will help. Try your luck to change home or workplace.

On September 24, we have a tough full moon in Aries. It is tough with Mercury (Communication), Saturn and Pluto (Insecurity and transformation in work life). Chiron (healing) is in conjunction. And Mars is supporting it. So in summary it is productive full moon with lots of emotions. This is in travel house. In-laws may be demanding. Education and travel will be important, living in foreign land will be demanding. Know your pain points. Healing or past issues may remerge.

If you were born near July 24, this full moon is tricky.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn has been moving in Capricorn. Build better work life and health

Meantime, Uranus is in ninth house of travel and spirituality. Long distance travels may give you an edge. Education may give you a different insight about life.

Neptune is moving in eighth house of bank and loan. Partnerís income may be an illusion. It may be changing at dramatic pace. You may little unsure about its direction.

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