LEO (July 23 to August 22) :: November 2016 Horoscope

Mars is moving in Capricorn until November 9. Focus will be on work and health. Work extensively on slimming target. Someone at home may need help. You may join a new job. Do yoga, run marathon, or swim to keep self-fit. After November 9, focus will change to marriage and partnership. If single, you will find a great opportunity to marry.

Meantime, November will start with new moon in domestic sign of Scorpio. Renovate your home. Spend time with mother. Help your parents.

On November 10, Saturn and Pluto are tough. Love and creativity will need help. Taking care of child will be draining.

On November 14, full moon is happening in Taurus. Social status will reach at culmination. Father may need help. Connect more with influential people. Uranus is tough on it. In-laws may be angry with your father or career needs.

On November 24, Jupiter and Pluto are tough. Take care of sibling and work life. Productivity may be concern. Power struggle is possible. Both Jupiter and Saturn are tough on Pluto. Work and health would need a different thinking. If you want success in life, you should know how to manage time.

Month will end with new moon in Sagittarius. New moon of November 29 is in hazy mood. It is hard on Neptune. This is house of love and creativity. Expenses would be high on pregnancy. Child care would need extra loan. Love matters may need emotional investment from you.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn has been moving to Sagittarius. Saturn is moving to romantic side. Maturity in love will be rewarded in next one year. Elder child would come in focus. You may try to bring some discipline in his life. There is another fun in moral based love. That you will realize in next 2-3 years.

Meantime, Uranus is in ninth house of travel and spirituality. Long distance travels may give you an edge. Education may give you a different insight about life.

Neptune is moving in eighth house of bank and loan. Partnerís income may be an illusion. It may be changing at dramatic pace. You may little unsure about its direction.

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