LEO (July 23 to August 22) :: May 2018 Horoscope

Work and health life is important. You have many planets in this house now. Saturn (tough), Pluto (passion) and Mars (action) are in job. It will be a time to revive your health. Project commitment may need extra help. It is good time to reduce weight. Keep working to improve health and work environment. Mars will be there till May 16. Work tirelessly. You have chance to make an impact. If you don't like your work, new job may also come your way. But that will be work not the career.

Meantime, New moon in Taurus is on May 15. New beginning is possible for social status and career. This house of influential people will soon get boost by Uranus (Starting May 15). Next seven years will have intense social exposure. Career will move in unexplored territory. Live life with a great passion. I am sure some Leo will touch new heights.

This new moon is opposite to Jupiter. Some big opposition may come from domestic affair issues. Jupiter and Neptune are in good sync. Pluto is supporting this new moon too. A new beginning is possible in long run.

If you were born near August 15 , +/- 5 days, this new moon is close.

Full moon is due in Sagittarius on May 29. This full moon is in love life chart. Child will have new direction. Let the creative thinking go in new direction. Listen your heart near the full moon. Matter of heart makes us emotionally vulnerable.

Sit and review romantic weakness. It make sense to get frequent assessment. If you were born near July 29, +/- 5 days, this full moon is close. Elder child may be key focus point.

Long Term Aspects

Saturn has been moving in Capricorn. Build better work life and health

Meantime, Uranus is in ninth house of travel and spirituality. Long distance travels may give you an edge. Education may give you a different insight about life.

Neptune is moving in eighth house of bank and loan. Partnerís income may be an illusion. It may be changing at dramatic pace. You may little unsure about its direction.

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