LEO (July 23 to August 22) :: July 2019 Horoscope

Key houses have Uranus in tenth house. If you were born near 28th July, career or social status is about to see changes. Take care of father’s health. And don't do anything which can hurt social reputation. Mars will come to Leo starting July 7 to August 1. It will be time to act on self and you will lead from the front.

Eclipse will redefine your mental and physical health in july. Health is wealth. This is time to evolve health to next level - both physical and mental. First eclipse is due on July 2. It is time to work behind the scene. Join some mental peace camp or take rest. It is time to clean up yout thought jungle for better idea. Many thoughts are not needed. They should go. Mental cleaning in hardest part of human evolution. Meditation may cool you down. But cleansing of thoughts will make you less weighty.

If you were born near August 2 +/- 5 days, this eclipse will be close to you.

Second eclipse of July 17 is tight one. It is lunar eclipse and full of aspects. Pluto and Saturn are nearby in Capricorn. Sun and Venus are opposite. Neptune is supporting this eclipse. So it is heavy on responsibility. Lack of sleep or food possible. If you were born near August 17, this eclipse will be direct to you. It is in physical health or job matters .It is about how much time you give to sleep and how much to work. Timeline will hit a barrier. Check - recheck health issues. Nothing as precious. It can't be traded.

Meantime, Mars will be in Leo from July 7 to August 1. It will be time to plug leakage of energy and direction. With Mars help, keep priorities right. Mercury will go retrograde from July 7 to July 31. It will be time to reduce communication mess. Recheck information. Delay in train timing or meeting possible. Don't rush.

Let's discuss long term aspects for Leo. Jupiter is moving in love and child matters till year end. Romantic situation should improve. Saturn and Pluto are in job and health . It is draining your thoughts and sleep. Neptune is in Pisces which is good for money. Uranus is in moving in Taurus so erratic social status.

Ceres- 0-1 deg sagittarius - Love

Lilith - 6-9 deg Pisces.. -Partner’s income

Chiron - 5 deg - Aries - travel

Eris - 24 deg Aries - trave;

Sedna - 27 deg Taurus -career

Juno -18 Deg Leo outlook

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