LEO (July 23 to August 22) :: November 2019 Horoscope

Neptune will turn direct on November 27. Clarity will come in the field of loan and partner’s income. Saturn and Pluto are working hard to build your work related affair.

Full moon of November 12 is in Taurus. It is very productive full moon. People born near August 12 will get its benefit. It is time to review your social status. Mercury is tough with it. Pluto (passion in health) and Neptune (in partner;s income) are better with this full moon. A big breakthrough is possible in social status. Clarify information before celebrating. Mercury may create some hurdles. Enjoy the party.

North node is passing through Cancer. It will keep focus on mental peace. You may If you are born near August 3rd, this impulse would be higher. Know how you handle mind matters.

Venus is in Sagittarius for first 25 days. Good time for romantic matters. Jupiter is also blessing your love chart in a big way. Extract more love from the universe.

Mars is moving in Libra till November 19. Sibling life will be your priority. It will be hectic and productive time. Afterward, it will be a domestic life that will take over, November 5, and November 26 are tight days because of Mars movement.

Meantime, Mercury is in retrograde till November 20. Information may confuse you. Bring clarity.

New moon is due on November 26. It is time for a new beginning in love commitments. Mars is opposing Uranus during this transit. If you were born near July 26, this new moon may bring some jolt in romantic matters. An unexpected turn may change the way you have planned it. Lover may send some shock. Domestic issue may come in between.

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