Capricorn Horoscope -October 2020

Submitted by admin on Fri, 10/02/2020 - 12:01

October 1 full moon is in Aries (domestic matters for you). It has conjunction with Chiron (old wound). It makes tough angle with Uranus (unexpected in love). If you were born near January 1, you may feel impulsiveness. A sudden change in domestic health is possible. Evaluate how home health is doing. Any weakness will be out in open.

Mercury will go in retrograde from October 13  at 11 Degree Scorpio to November 3. My experience says that first shadow period is most difficult. So it is better that you delay important decisions. Get more clarity about the issues. Do background work. Plan ,rest and use time to rebuild and connect to past.

Multiple T squares in October may keep your domestic and career matters.  Time range between October 8 to October 21 is  stressed, so keep slow pace during this time frame. On October 12, Jupiter will be in sweet angle with Neptune. It may give some help in meeting sibling and transactions target. Take care of your home management and career conflict. Though it is very stressful  time. After October 9, Sun will start making square with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Mars will be in opposite. So tough time to deal with.  Time till October 20 is tough. So better to play safe. Astrology is science of timing. So plan things accordingly. If you were born within January 9 to January 18,then it is more so.

We have new moon of October 16 in Libra. Nothing is right with this new moon  Better to play safe. A career matter needs attention. If you were born near January 16, this full moon is close to you. Influential people may demand more effort ftom you. Check how marriage partner may move.

October will end with a full moon on October 31 in Taurus. It is in love and child house. This full moon conjunct with Uranus. An unexpected turn is possible. if you were born near December 30 ,this full moon has emotions and surprise element. Unwanted turn in heart matter is possible. .