Royal Stars

Submitted by admin on Tue, 01/25/2022 - 20:27

Aldebarain: 9 Degree 47 Min - Gemini /Antares -9 Degree 46 Sagittarius.. 

Sun Joins this Star on May 30. Gemini born near this date must rise faster. So Sagittarius born on December 2 feel in marriage and relations... Pisces born on 28 February reaps it in Home /Mother.. Virgo born on 2nd September in career matters.. 

Regulus : 29 Degree 50 Minutes Leo

Sun Joins it on August 22.. Royal benefit for them.. Aquarius born near 18th Feb.. in marriage, Taurus borned on 20th May at home.. Scorpio born on 22 November in career.. 

Current Astro Energies - 17 Jan 2022

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We are stuck in between Mars and Uranus, Most gravity is within it. People are impulsive and aggressive, so the events.. 

  • Under water volcono erruption near tongo
  • Hostage drama in Texus 
  • Abu Dhabhi drone attack
  • Virat Kohli (Nov 5) resigned from Captiancy
  • Novak Djokovic (May 22) legal tussle  - North node on his Natal SUN. 


are few examples.. Corona third wave is in . Huge infection in and around Europe. This is third year in row. 

North node in Taurus - Eventful 18 months for Fixed signs

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North node will move to Taurus on Jan 18, 2022. It will impact fixed sign of Taurus (self), Scorpio (marriage), Leo (Career) and Aquarius (Home or parents). Same is true for rising signs. 33% of fixed sign are borned in fixed sign of rising sun , if you were born at rising Sun, evening time , Noon or midnight. So if you are one , this intense transformation is for you. Remember what happened during May 14, 2003 to Nov 30, 2004. Same moments may rewind again or a cycle will get close. 

Hyper focus – Key to productivity

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Brain has tendency to move around. Autopilot is default game. We keep moving arount hurt, pain, loss, or dreams. It is easy for brain to do it. Focus on one thing is difficult. That’s why multi tasking so easy. In mobile world, attention deficit is so common. With age time barriers reduces so we feel lost what to do what not to do.

Here are some thoughts on it

January 2022 Horoscope

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2020-21 were challenging years. More so as plants are squeezed on one side of zodiac (From Sagittarius to Taurus now). Balamce gpes away from universe and lives. A new post corona world is emerging so our meaning of life. Planets had huge focus on Capricorn till now , so people may be more practical and grounded. Mars are Uranus are on exteme ends so events in Jan to be little schoking , impulsive or erratic. Astrology is know the right energy and move through it accordinigly.