This is full moon - emotional and square to Pluto (Death, Transformation, sex, and hate).. If you were born near 23 of any month, it is more so..

Pluto is square to it. This is full moon in rahu based Swati Nakshatra .. Positive thing is Jupiter is bypassing the Uranus..

Fixed star here is Princeps - It has Ability to research keen, studious and profound mind, business, government, law, science, arts, lies

  • Aries - sex, loan, or partner's income
  • Taurus - Marriage , comitment
  • Gemini - Job and Health
  • Cancer - Love and Child
  • Leo - Home and mother
  • Virgo - Sibling and travel
  • Libra- Earned income
  • Scorpio - Outlook, energy and perception
  • Sagittarius - Mental peace
  • Capricorn - Social life and friends
  • Aquarius - Career ..
  • Pisces - Travel , Legal and education

Aries eclipse is very intense.. It is having so many planets to close to it. Pressure to transform, restriction to act something big, Desire of independence .. all signs at once.. Observe more about this eclipse 

If you were born near April 8. October 8, Jan 8, July 8 are more affected because of this solar eclipse. 

It is in 19 Degree Aries - It means Revati Nakshatra - Mercury ruled.. Communication is key here when mercury is in retrograde. If you were born in Revati, Aslesha and Jyestha Nakshatra .. You will get the impact. Or under Mercury Dasha .

Baten Kaitos is fixed star.. Which is unfortunate star being ruled by Saturn.. 

Political powers are changing. India and USA are seeing election. Power battles are ON. Russia vs Ukraine , Israel vs Gaza , China vs Taiwan, are still in battle. We are getting insensitive to such news. We are getting emotionally numb in rise of right wings across the world.  

Currencies game across the world is crucial. Sovereign governments are bursting under huge debt. There is no escape from it. Pluto is in extreme position.

It is south node eclipse. It is like ending or reliving something. Libra like justice. It is on verge of Harta Naksstra and many aspects are happening near this day.. 

  • Mercury is in shadow period... so listen carefully or communicate better
  • Jupiter is near to Uranus - Lust for freedom 
  • Venus - Saturn conjunct- Realistic approach to relations 


If you were born near 25 of any month , it is more so. 

  • Aries (March 25) - Marriage and relations 
  • Taurus - Job and health 
  • Gemini - Love and child 
  • Cancer - Home and domestic matter
  • Leo -Sibling, and travel 
  • Virgo - Earned income 
  • Libra - Self outlook and perception 
  • Scorpio - Mental peace or truth 
  • Sagittarius - Social life and friends 
  • Capricorn - Career matters 
  • Aquarius - Travel, legal or in laws
  • Pisces - Partner's income , Loan, Gain 

Complex structure at this new moon. Pisces is heavy. So have compassion, love , care and artistic touch . This new moon has support of Uranus. it is in Poorva Bhadrapada (jupiter ruled) The new moon has Uranus square Mars. Impulsive freedom needs.

If you were born near 10th of any month, it is more so.

Saturn and Jupiter are in sync now, so expect long term stability. 

  • Aries - mental peace
  • Taurus- Social life
  • Gemini - Social status
  • Cancer- Travel , legal matters, education
  • Leo- Partner's income
  • Virgo- Marriage and commitment
  • Libra- Job and health
  • Scorpio - Love and child
  • Sagittarius - Home and Mother
  • Capricorn - Sibling, connect
  • Aquarius - Earned income
  • Pisces - Outlook , perception /