We attract people. We hates people. it is similar like basic forces of electromagnetism , Strong, or week. People create powers around them as gravity does. 

People are divided in big way. Some are Lefist some wants right wings. Both groups are consolidating and keeping no space for neutral people. Just like matter and anti matter. 

Strong views hurts us. Listening stops and we start hating a man. Something nature does same way with forces. Bhakts are like force careers for their leaders. 


There are several fundamental physical constants that are considered to be universal constants, meaning they are constant throughout the universe and do not change with time. Some of the most fundamental physical constants include:

  1. Speed of Light in Vacuum (c): The speed of light in vacuum is approximately 299,792,458299,792,458 meters per second. This constant plays a fundamental role in Einstein's theory of relativity and is a fundamental constant of nature.

  2. Gravitational Constant (G): The gravitational constant is approximately 6.674×10−116.674×10−11 cubic meters per kilogram per second squared. It determines the strength of the gravitational force between two objects and plays a crucial role in Newton's law of universal gravitation and Einstein's theory of general relativity.

  3. Planck's Constant (h): Planck's constant is approximately 6.626×10−346.626×10−34 joule seconds. It is a fundamental constant in quantum mechanics and determines the relationship between the energy and frequency of a photon.

Physics is base of life. We hardly understand it. Conflict of quantum world and special theory of relativity are still mess. We are in search of theory of everything to push physics to new level. 

Imagine we know only two particles well - Electron and Photon. 

If we know all zoo of particles well. humanity could do wonders. Experimental physics is still far from theortical physics.  Our assumptions are in all direction, still equations are not matching the reality. 

If dark energy is too much , like we know, our existance is very difficult very long. we need to know how the Universe is functioning. 

Physics is way of life