Full moon Libra - April 6- Past wounds

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This full moon is opposite Chiron, quincux with Uranus, It means healing , old wounds, may come up unexpectedly. Pain may be there. Full moon is in libra, sign of Justice. Venus , ruler, of this  full moon, is in Taurus. 

This full moon is in HASTA nakshatra. It is moon ruled Nakshatra. 

Emotions may be high now. It is more so, if you were borned near 6th of any month 

Astro Weather – April May June 2023

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Several planets are changing signs. That will impact many of us going forward. Lets discuss the main signatures here and how it will impact signs and birthdays

Mostly fixed signs got edge here in gravity terms. Taurus would be key with Jupiter, Uranus and North node. Assets and currencies would be key. Full moon is happening between 3  to 5 dates , so impact would be there. New beginning is planned from 17 to 20th Birthdates.

April 2023 Horoscope

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Global scene is stressed. Banks are collapsing one after another at least two such news are out. Psychological pressure is there on financial markets. Another issue is stress between US and Russia. Two plane collided in black sea and both ups ante in the process.

Lets discuss astro energies in detail.

Major Astro signatures of April Month

Celebrity Quick Bite

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Birthday around 6 in cordinal Signa 

  • Aries (Apr 9) - Amruta Fadnavis - Corruption charges 
  • Libra (Oct 6)- V Putin -Arrest Warrant 
  • Libra (oct 9) - Irman Khan - Arrest Warrant 
  • Capricorn (Jan 5) - Manish Shisodia - Arrested 


New moon in Aries- March 21 - Impulsive New start

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New Moon on March 21 is intense. Mars , ruler of Aries is making tough with it. World axis is there. And it may trigger global event. Pluto and Sedna are helping this new moon. A new journey will emerge. Saturn and North node are making yod to it. Impulsive new moon possible in saturn ruled Nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada.