New Moon on December 13 - Fishy and electric New begining

Submitted by admin on Tue, 12/05/2023 - 05:18

All new beginnings have some erratic issue. Uranus is tough with it so the Neptune. It may electric and messy new moon. Luckily North node is supporting it.

Mercury will be stationary retrograde starting Dec 13, so reconfirm your information.

If you were born near 13th of any month , it is more so, especially Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces.

December 2023 Horoscope

Submitted by admin on Tue, 11/28/2023 - 10:32

We are in end of the year, 2023. Last month of the 2023 and we need to review this year on personal level. What we got in what we lost during 2023? Astrology helps us in focusing on right things and get maximum out of chart and time.

There are many things which are beyond our control. But we can see happiness in bright spots of charts and get maximum out of it.

October and November were high pace months. Many things may have moved around you.

Full moon in Gemini on November 27 - Depressive energy

Submitted by admin on Fri, 11/17/2023 - 09:25

We have full moon in Gemini on November 27. It is so oppose to Mars (action) , Sun (ego) in Sagittarius and Square to Saturn (Constraints). It is depressive energy. You may want to move fast but speed is fading because of constraints. 

You may be stuck in choice. Is it right choice. Gemini brings multiple options. 

If you were born near 27, you will feel it closely.  Ceres is also in square to Saturn, it means basic insequrity will be in food and comfort. 

New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 13 – Highly erratic and Volatile

Submitted by admin on Sun, 11/05/2023 - 06:19

This new moon is volatile. It is just on Mars (impulsive anger) and opposite to Uranus (fire event). Almost at same time Eris (Lady Mars) and North node are in conjunction. Another signature of war type situation from some female worrier.

If you were born near 13th of any month, it will impact more. It is more so if you are Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.

November 2023 Horoscope

Submitted by admin on Wed, 10/25/2023 - 12:25

November is crucial month for Thinkastro. We completed 17 years of service in astrology. It started in 2006 and by god grace going on world of mouth.

After eclipse season is always full of emotional volatility. October had two eclipses in Libra (oct 14) and Taurus (Oct 29).

November is to broaden your view. Sagittarius will get Mercury (Nov 10), Sun (Nov 22) and Mars (Nov 24)

Lunar eclipse of October 29 - Intense money or possessiveness

Submitted by admin on Tue, 10/17/2023 - 06:57

Six planets will be in Taurus Scorpio axis.. This eclipse has oppositions of Jupiter - Mars-Mercury.. another one is too close to it Sun and Moon. This eclipse may be financial negotiations ..both parties may be stick to their positions.

If you were born near 29th of any month, this will impact more. More so if, Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.. More so, if more at sunrise, noon, sunset, or midnight..

Taurus and Scorpio rules money, possessiveness, truth and passion.