Lunar eclipse in Cancer - Jan 11

Submitted by admin on Sat, 12/28/2019 - 14:21

This lunar eclipse is bold, cold, and ruthless. Moon is in challenging aspect with big boys -Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Ceres and SUN. Power vs weak is the theme of this eclipse. Emotions will be high. It will be culmination. It is close , if you were born near 11th of any month , Try to get it pass, don't overreact. It is forced decision by cosmic energy. Good energy is from Neptune in Pisces. 

Zodiac sign and things..

Submitted by admin on Sun, 12/15/2019 - 08:08

Aries - Good in creating things
Taurus - Good in holding things
Gemini - Good in breaking things
Cancer - Good in caring things
Leo - Good in adding value
Virgo - Take good care of things
Libra - Add luxury to things , Make them presentable.
Scorpio - Good in integrating things
Sagittarius - Good in Expansion of things
Capricorn - Good in protecting things
Aquarius -Good to Innovate things
Pisces - Good in creative touch on imperfections.