Full Moon 24 February - Virgo - Intense Restrictions

Submitted by admin on Tue, 02/13/2024 - 11:19

Full moon in Magha Nakshatra (Ketu ruled).. It has restrictions in health and job, as it is ruled by Virgo. 

Jupiter and Venus/ Mars on square near it. Moving ahead here will be little difficult as Saturn is in opposition to this full moon. Emotional restrictions around something will create emotional bottleneck. 

If you were born near 24th of any month, it will be more so.. 

Lilith, Juno, and Orcus are on center of Virgo and they are redefining marriages issues to Sep 8, March 8, Dec 8, and June 8 born .. 

  • Aries - Work and health 
  • Taurus - Love and child 
  • Gemini - Home and mother
  • Cancer - Sibling, gadget, Movement, skill 
  • Leo - Earned income 
  • Virgo - Personal Perceptions 
  • Libra- Mental peace
  • Scorpio - Social life/ friends
  • Sagittarius - Social Status 
  • Capricorn - Travel and In laws, education 
  • Aquarius - Partner's income 
  • Pisces - Marriage and commitment