New Moon Gemini - May 30 - Restrictive Communication

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Mercury is in retrograde and it will be in midpoint of Sun and Uranus.. Some truth could expose. This new moon is very powerful as till Pluto on one side there is no support.. Passion will be at peak. Mars and Jupiter will be conjunction.. So all will be aggressive .. Just mercury is on Algol (Bad repputation of star).. 

#Lunareclipse Impact so far

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Just for the Scorpio and Taurus 

  • Scott Morrison (may 13) -Lost election 
  • Vijay Babu (May 14 in sexual charges
  • Karti Chidamaram (Nov 16) - CBI Net
  • Mahinda Rajapaksa (Nov 18) Resigned
  • Jack Dorsey (Nov 19) - Sold Twitter 
  • Danish Siddiqui (May 19) Won award.
  • Jeo Biden (Nov 20) - Low rating
  • Parag Agarwal (May 21) -Twitter
  • Boris Becker (Nov 22) - Jailed. 

Financial Markets - Astrology

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Big news are crypto currency meltdown and Wheat. Food and Currency are nick names of Taurus. North node is moving there in square of Saturn. Mercury is in retrograde too. Sun has just passed through Uranus and North node. 

RBI in India surprised everyone by increasing Interest rates. It was sudden move. Cost of Dollar loan on India is rising sharply. India is bleeding on two fronts - Currency meltdown and rising fuel prices. 

Astro Signature - Pisces to Aries

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3 Planets are moving from Pisces to Aries this month. It will push actions to next level. Mars , Venus and Jupiter are coming your way. All are part of make actions . Last time Mars was here in January 2019 to Mid Feb 2019. Same actions will be back. jupiter was in Aries from 2010-2011. Similar feelings will come here. 

North node was in Taurus 2004. This cycle will be key now. This is 18 years cycle. Same thing in life will come back to review.. 

Saturn was in Aquarius in 1994 .. Lets see back and know the themes of that times.. 

Lunar eclipse Scorpio - May 15 - Emotional restrictions

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Pluto and Neptune are supporting this lunar eclipse. Though Saturn is tough on it.. So be responsible. Emotional restrictions may come out in open .. I(t is more so if your birthday is around 15th of any month.. Saturn leaves no doubt. It is clear and concise ..something will reach at culmination .. react before reading fine print as some information is hidden .. Scorpio is hidden things ... Saturn loves direct talk.. Pluto support shows some flow along with Neptune.. water sign got some respite from intense Saturn anger..

Astro Signature- Mercury Retrograde May 10 - June 2

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Mercury retrograde starts from May 10 to June 2. This time it is more intense as Mercury is on one side of Universe . First shadow has started from April 25. Unexpected delays, Hurdles may come. They will test your patience. My experience says first shadow is more painful. So flow slowly. Don't loose patience , if there are delays. Electronic equipment may malfunction. Keep mobile safe so your car

May 2022 Horoscope - Eclipse season.. Wind of changes

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Overall geo-cosmic energy is mix now. It is productive in some sense and cautious in other sense.  Pluto is leading passion now at one end. We want to get things done at any cost but on other hand Mercury is driving things to caution. It is own sign of Gemini. So choices may be an issue. Know all options well. It has possibility to explore old /past choices. Try to finish long pending issues and meet past memories or friends.  

Astro thought - Pluto Mercury world

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Pluto is driving passion. You may be feeling a person or self more passionate now. Energy is contained in Pluto (28 Degree Capricorn) and Mercury (At 20 Degree Taurus). People are feeling mood for faster change or run. Mercury will go retrograde from May 10 to June 3. It will start at 4 degree Gemini to 26 Degree Taurus. It will be strange period. Pluto will want to increase the speed while mercury will put breaks. So many of us may feel frustration now. Sometimes, mercury retrograde period is good to manage very old pending issues.